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The future of contact centers

AI Customer Experience (AICX) is a single solution for each step of multilingual contact automation.

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Create chatbots from historical data

Don't waste months labelling chat history. Proto's Convert creates chatbot dialogue and customized NLP models from unstructured chat history in minutes.

The first step in AICX is a proprietary process for converting chat history into a chatbot dialogue structure and custom NLP model that saves months of manual labeling.
Albert Zhuang
Canada Flag
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Advanced features

Proto's labeler collects a small sample of structured data.
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Proto's deep-learning algorithm automatically structures all remaining chat history.
Proto's engineers fine tune NLP models for each language.
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Deploy chatbots with higher intelligence

Rise above the market standard. Humanize chatbot dialogue with advanced logic and integrations with external databases.

The second step in AICX is humanizing chatbot dialogue with advanced logic and integrations that deliver a conversational experience beyond the market standard.
Maheen Kamani
UX/UI Designer
Canada Flag

Advanced features

Design limitless conversation paths and nested dialogue.
Banking Bot Dashboard Proto
Extend chatbot automation with JSON and REST API integrations for external databases.
Propagate unique phrases across Proto's AICX products.
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Engage customers on their preferred channels

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Relieve agents from repetitive support

Don't let staff turnover hurt customer experience. Repurpose agents for second-tier and premium support without legacy software.

The third step in AICX is relieving support staff with chatbots across unlimited teams and languages.
Diana Ciubucana
AICX Manager
Malaysia Flag

Advanced features

Assign chats to specialized teams or agents based upon dialogue context.
Proto CX Chatbot Dashboard
Multiply agents with unlimited profiles across all channels.
Enable agent performance tracking in real-time for contact center optimization.
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Help agents surpass language barriers

Don't let new languages hurt the bottom-line. Help agents overcome language barriers and engage natively across second-tier support.

The fourth step in AICX is to enable agents to engage across languages with adaptive machine translations for second-tier support.
Weiying Kok
NLP Engineer
Malaysia Country Flag

Advanced features

Import massive parallel corpora and customize individual pairs to suit your business vocabulary.
ChatBot Dashboard Proto CX
Establish unique terminology that remains the same across translation models.
Test, correct and retrain translation models to ensure compatibility with your business.
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Gather and categorize cases with chatbots

Collect and categorize customer cases without wasteful manual classification.

The fifth step in AICX is collecting and classifying cases automatically with chatbots to reduce the manual categorization effort.
Yemidale Ajayi
AICX Manager
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Advanced features

Collect and match customer cases with unlimited nested categories with no manual effort.
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Automatically send cases to third parties for resolution, even if they are outside your business.
Observe patterns in customer cases to inform better business decision making.
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Teach chatbots with incoming data

Don't let static chatbots hurt customer experience. Update dialogue and NLP models without manual chat history review.

The final step in AICX is improving chatbot dialogue and NLP model accuracy with dialogue suggestions that save weeks of quality assurance.
Glenny Pagaduan
QA Specialist
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Advanced features

Review and approve dialogue updates that reduce false intent classification.
Financial Bot Dashboard
Proto's deep-learning algorithm retrains NLP models with approved dialogue.
Outsource dialogue updating while limiting access across Proto's AICX products.

Discover the power of AICX for your contact center