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Bug Bounty

Last Updated: February 7th, 2023

Proto’s Bug Bounty program is designed to manage independent security researchers that identify potential flaws or improvements in Proto's AICX platform that can improve our security or stability.  

The procedure to submit a report:

  1. Send an email to including all relevant information.  
  2. Each message will be reviewed internally and classified in the following categories:  
    a.   Duplicate
    b.   Low Impact
    c.   Medium Impact  
    d.   High Impact  
    e.   Critical Impact  
  3. If the message is classified as Duplicate or Low Impact, a reply email will be sent acknowledging  the submission and closing the process.  
  4. If the message is classified as Critical, Medium or High Impact, an assessment will be conducted internally and an  acknowledgment email will be sent.
  5. The fix will be deployed.
  6. The issue, your contact information and the fix will be recorded.
  7. Bounty reward will be delivered.  

During the review process we may contact you for additional information or clarification.