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Case Study

Automated multilingual player experience for Asian online casino

The Proto chatbot optimized this online casino’s in-game experience with rapid, no-wait support for 164,700 messages in the first 2 months of deployment. The chatbot relieved 30+ player support agents with full integration into the player management system for 6 languages and 4 messaging channels.

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About the online casino

Proto’s client is a major online casino operating across six countries in Asia with over 150 games. The player support team assists players with 30+ agents working from a central location  in continuous shifts for the 24/7 cycle. The online casino’s top priorities are offering a fair, secure, and supportive gaming experience for players.

About Proto

‍Proto is the leader for inclusive chatbots and multilingual contact centre automation in emerging markets. Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) platform is powered by proprietary natural language processing (NLP) for under-resourced and mixed languages. The Proto team has successfully developed novel deep-learning techniques and regulatory partnerships to maximize consumer experience, protection, and lifetime value across 20+ emerging markets.


The online casino’s support team was overwhelmed with requests from players in six languages across multiple channels. As a result, the team was unable to dedicate enough attention to VIP and high-value players. They were looking for a customer support solution that would be available 24/7 for all the languages and channels, and that most importantly, could integrate with their player management system in order to provide customized support for their players according to behaviour and preferences, such as deposit and withdrawal defaults and favorite games.

Another problem was that most of the support chats were repetitive, such as requesting bank account numbers, reporting website issues, checking rebate amounts, raising complaints about deposits or withdrawals, and inquiring about promotions. The agents were spending at least 50% of their time answering these queries instead of quickly responding to more complex requests or providing a better experience to VIP and high-value players.

The support agents had to handle around 500-800 chats per day per agent and the average response time suffered delays, especially when there were multiple chat requests at the same time. When selecting Proto as its automated player experience solution, the online casino aimed to decrease 60% of the volume handled by agents and decrease wait times for players.

On top of this, players using the LINE messaging channels from Japan and Thailand were unable to upload attachments due to limitations on the Bitrix24 CRM, which disrupted resolution timelines. So the online casino also needed an automated player experience solution that could properly integrate with LINE to finally fix this issue.


Proto deployed its player experience automation solution at the online casino to provide 24/7, immediate resolution of all repetitive player queries. The AI-enabled chatbot is available in English, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese across, LINE, Telegram, Viber, and Bitrix 24, the player management system for providing personalized support to each player according to status, behaviour, and preferences.

The chatbot handles an unlimited volume of simultaneous requests from players, such as:

  • Updating user profile info
  • Requesting client's account information for bank transfer
  • Solving website inaccessibility issues
  • Creating tickets for claiming offers
  • Checking deposit and withdrawal status
  • Checking account rebate amount
  • Handling complaints and technical issues
  • Passing complex queries to support agents

In addition to this, the automated ticket creation function of the chatbot helps to streamline the internal operations by auto-forwarding cases to departments without manual triage.

Also, Proto’s integration with the LINE messaging channel fully supports attachments, solving this long-standing pain point for the online casino in Japan and Thailand.


The Proto chatbot resolves an average of 60% of player requests, freeing up the support team to focus on more complex requests and high-value players. 

Here’s a summary of the results achieved by the automated player experience solution since its first month of deployment in July 2022.


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Proto's player experience automation solution has helped the online casino to offload a large number of requests from its support team, while providing a more localized and efficient customer experience for players.

The chatbot leveraged cutting-edge AI tools to understand multiple natural languages of Asia, with particular difficulty in Thai, and provided a personalized experience for players using the power of automation and integrations instead of manual effort. Overall, the automated player experience capability offered by Proto has helped the online casino stay at the forefront of gaming service innovation without any new spending.

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