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Proto's AI Customer Experience (AICX) platform integrates with Zalo for support on Vietnam’s leading messaging app with 100 million users.

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Proto's no-coding integration connects the Proto platform to Zalo without developer effort.

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What is CX automation for Zalo?

CX automation can help serve customers directly on Zalo, Vietnam’s leading messaging app. Instead of relying exclusively on live agents, CX automation can connect conversational AI chatbots to live support for a seamless customer experience and centralized information.

Proto CX automation for Zalo can communicate with customers in local languages such as Vietnamese, Chinese and Kher, and triage customer service requests based on language spoken and other identifiers.

What are the advantages of using AICX for Zalo?

AICX for Zalo can help businesses serve a broader customer base over their preferred messaging channel. Instead of asking customers to reach out via email or phone, AICX for Zalo can meet customers where they are without increasing support costs.

Proto can also forward customer queries from Zalo to live agents with filtering for language, country, and more while keeping all chat information in the same place.

What can Proto do over Zalo channels?

Proto also offers a variety of solutions tailored to specific industries, all of which include:

  • A no-code chatbot builder
  • Conversational chatbots
  • Automated case management
  • Conversation history in one place
  • Analytics and reporting

In addition to Zalo, Proto can also be deployed across many other supported channels.

How can I connect my Zalo account to Proto?

You can connect your Zalo account to Proto in a few simple steps. Take a look at our documentation on Zalo channel setup, or book a demo to learn more.

Where can I find more information about Proto?

For more in-depth information about how Proto has helped governments and businesses, take a look at our case studies.

For more information on how Proto works, take a look at our documentation.

To try Proto, book a demo using the chatbot widget on the bottom right or sign up for a 14-day free trial.

How can Proto help businesses use ChatGPT for Zalo?

Large language models like ChatGPT can create human-like responses to customer service inquiries – but effective customer service management requires tracking, case management, livechat, and analytics tools to scale personalised service. 

Proto can help businesses leverage large language models like ChatGPT with features such as:

  • Proactive chat to engage website visitors with personalised messaging
  • Livechat tools to connect customers with live agents seamlessly
  • Management tools with case tracking and analytics for consistent service quality
  • Natural language processing for better accuracy in underserved languages

Proto's roadmap includes future integrations with ChatGPT to improve intent classification, enhance tone in agent messages, automatically summarise chats, and more.

What is the difference between a chatbot and CX automation for Zalo?

Chatbots are programs that automate responses to customer questions, whereas CX automation streamlines the entire customer service management process. 

For example, Proto's platform collects data from customer conversations to automatically generate customer profiles, track and manage omnichannel cases in one place, and view contact centre automation KPIs for continuous improvement.

Businesses can use Proto to connect chatbots and live customer service agents, so complex customer queries can be automatically routed to the correct agent with all of the prior chat information. Permission structures for agents can determine what they're able to view and interact with on the chat platform based on their role.

Additionally, businesses with sensitive data can connect Proto with their own Azure SQL, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases with no sensitive information saved on the cloud. Browse through our Platform menu to see more of Proto's features, or sign up for a 14-day trial to see the platform for yourself.