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Ndikufuna kudandaula

AI Chatbot for Zambia

Proto in Zambia

Proto is partnered with national regulatory authorities in Zambia to protect consumers and advance local language automation capability.


Automation in Zambia

Proto supports local operators with multilingual contact center automation, costed at a fraction of the savings.

Include locals and diasporas
Automate local languages
Transfer chats to agents
The Proto AICX solution is in line with the Bank of Zambia’s strategic focus on financial inclusion as it is designed to accelerate financial inclusion by effectively tracking the resolution of consumer complaints to enhance confidence in financial services, and subsequently enhance usage. The solution enables the Bank of Zambia to capture and categorize complaints, track progress on dispute resolution in real time, mine complaints data for signs of financial stress, and identify market misconduct as well as applications of appropriate supervisory measures.
Moses Musantu
Consumer Protection & Market Supervision Manager, Bank of Zambia

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