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Proto in Côte d’Ivoire

Proto is partnered with national regulatory authorities in Côte d'Ivoire to protect consumers and advance local language automation capability.

Placed at the heart of the relationship between financial service providers and consumers, the OQSF-CI is in charge of improving the quality of financial services, protection of consumers, and the promotion of financial literacy. Proto's chatbot for consumer engagement and complaint management will help increase trust within the digital financial services industry and improve customer experience, especially in rural areas.
Moussa Mamadou
Executive Secretary, OQSF of Côte D'Ivoire


Implementation discount for Côte d'Ivorian operators.


Natural language understanding accuracy for French.


NLP engineers improving local language understanding.

AICX in Côte d’Ivoire

Proto supports local operators with multilingual contact center automation, costed at a fraction of the savings.

Include locals and diasporas
Automate local languages
Transfer chats to agents

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Network effects
Powered by constant HermesAI™ learning across language domains.
Regulator compliance
Built in partnership with supervisory authorities across the Global South.
Global security
End-to-end encryption and secure connector for local databases.
Controlled costs for scaling services across new and existing markets.
Automated complaints processing for regulated digital ecosystems.
Designed for consumers at the bottom of the pyramid.

AI customer experience can be inclusive.