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Chabwino, Nditha kuthandizira pamenepo.
Ndikufuna kudandaula

Proto in Zambia

Proto is partnered with national regulatory authorities in Zambia to protect consumers and advance local language automation capability.

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CCPC Zambia
Bank of Zambia
African Development Bank
Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Facility
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Facilitation of sound policies and regulations, including those that enhance consumer protection and catalyze financial inclusion, is a key mandate for ADFI. With the proliferation of digital financial services, the financial industry needs innovative mechanisms for customer recourse and tracking for regulators
Sheila Okiro
Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Facility Coordinator


Automation in Zambia

Proto supports local operators with multilingual contact center automation, costed at a fraction of the savings.

Include locals and diasporas
Automate local languages
Transfer chats to agents


Implementation discount for Zambian operators.


Natural language understanding accuracy for Nyanja.


NLP engineers improving local language understanding.

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