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Even the best customer service teams fail when they don’t have efficient processes to back them up. For example, poorly designed ticketing systems sometimes require customers to enter the same information in multiple places, leaving them frustrated before they even speak to an agent. And inefficient internal systems can leave agents hunting for customer information, causing long wait times.

This guide will show you how Proto’s Tickets product can help your business deliver excellent customer service. With automatic case categorisation based on customer intents, Proto's CX automation platform lets you track, manage, and assign Respondents to cases. Respondents could vary from being a single person, a team, or even an external third party.

How Proto creates cases

When you set up your CX automation platform, Proto’s Tickets feature will automatically create a case for each individual customer based on the data the chatbot collects. Information like language spoken, region, and login information are automatically recorded along with full chat histories, to give respondents a complete overview of the customer if they need to take over the chat. You can also add custom categories of information (for example, user IDs or account type) for the chatbot to collect based on your business needs.

Routing cases with customer intents

Each customer that seeks support from your service agents has a particular goal in mind, whether it’s to book an appointment, resolve a complaint, or just get more information. For chatbots, these goals are called intents, and they use intent classification in order to respond appropriately. But intent classification has a second benefit: it can be used to route queries to the correct respondents when necessary.

When customers request live support, the Proto platform can automatically assign a chat to a respondent depending on their information and user intent. Respondents can also add notes, case summaries, and other information to the case if necessary. Proto’s omnichannel solution ensures that all customer information stays in one place across any channel connected to the platform.

How Proto categorises cases

Proto also lets you decide how you would like to categorise cases for future handling. For example, you may have a case group for all customers with credit card issues. From there, you can use up to three nested categories for more specific categorisation. An example of nested categorisation for a credit card issue might be: Credit Card > Lost > Fraud.

This enables the Proto platform to automatically label each conversation according to the categories they belong to, and route cases to the appropriate respondent. Proto’s multilingual features mean that the platform can do the same for local languages, triaging cases to respondents based on language spoken as well. 

This feature helps agents find cases easily without having to organize them manually. It also generates data in Proto’s proAnalytics product for a broad overview of the volume of cases related to a particular issue.

Respondents and observers

You can create internal or external respondents for different case groups, who will be notified when they have new cases in the platform to respond to. A respondent might be a department, for example, or an external agency tasked with a particular case group. For each respondent, you can add several customer facing contacts in the department, also known as Observers.

Observer accounts can be added to respondent accounts to oversee and manage cases, which can be particularly useful for regulatory organisations such as central banks. For example, a central bank could assign several management personnel as observers on a particular respondent account to ensure that complaints are resolved in a timely manner.

No lost cases

When administrative teams hand off cases on their own, some are inevitably dropped due to human error. With automated tracking and categorisation, the Proto platform helps your team ensure that customer cases don’t get lost.

Proto's Tickets feature offers an innovative solution for businesses looking to improve their customer support processes. Centralised customer cases, streamlined case handoff, and case categorisation allows your team to focus on delivering exceptional customer service with CX automation.

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