Creating a model in Translate

The Translator tab contains all the Models that will be used to generate a machine translation.

To start adding or importing your Corpus and Special terms to the Model, begin by clicking on "Create model" located at the top right.

This action will open the Create model pop-up window.  Under Model name, input a title for your Model, followed by the Corpus, and Special terms you wish to use to generate a machine translation. You'll be able to add more of these to your Model.

Once a Model has been created, you can select it from your dashboard by clicking on it. On the right, you'll find a "Search" feature to help you locate a specific Model from your list.

The Model dashboard contains information such as: Corrected Pairs, Trained Pairs, or BLEU Score for the target and source language, as well as the model training progress and statuses - which include: In Progress, Completed, and Failed.

Here are some details on the information shown in the Model dashboard.

Corrected Pairs = The total amount of sentence pairs that have been corrected in this machine translation model.
Trained Pairs = The total amounts of sentence pairs used to train the machine translation model.
BLEU score from = BLEU (Bilingual Evaluation Understudy) is an algorithm for scoring the machine translation quality between the source and target language.

Selecting a Model will give you more information on how that specific Model is performing, as well as allowing you to capture the API Snippet for a seamless integration with your platform.

Once the machine translation Model has correctly completed the training, a "Test" tab will appear on the right of the completed Model.

The Test tab allows you to enter the Testing environment of your Translator.

Inside the Testing environment, you can copy and paste the text you'd like to translate in "Target Language" to see the immediate translated results in the "Source Language."

If a correction is needed, you can directly modify the translation by clicking on the edit pencil icon which will appear in the translation result field.

To speed up the translation process, the Testing environment also allows you to import a CSV file.

Please note: Use one single Column for the phrases you would like to translate - each one saved in a different row.

Creating a model in Translate
Creating a model in Translate
Creating a model in Translate
Creating a model in Translate

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