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Proto and Goldblue target player support pain points for Asian iGaming operators

Stockholm, Sweden

iGaming customer support in Asia faces unique challenges. First, there is a wide variety of languages and dialects spoken throughout the region. There’s also the preference for instant chat-based support, and the growing number of iGaming brands spanning these languages. Another issue is the secondary use of support agents for direct sales across these brands, invariably needing to use multiple aliases.

It’s no shock that customer support costs currently make up between 50% and 60% of an Asian iGaming company’s monthly operating budget. This high cost is due to these unique market factors, especially since companies tend to centralize their operations in the few regulated markets, which in turn, requires importing a large number of staff for multilingual customer support teams.

The usual pain points for customer support of an Asian iGaming operator include registration and signup abandonment, deposit and transaction completion, and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) problems.

Natural language processing (NLP) firm Proto addresses these pain points for Asian-facing iGaming operators with its AI Customer Experience solution that allow operators to control and even reduce these operational costs while expanding profits.

Proto's NLP engine aggregates terminology from hundreds of thousands of chats from the iGaming industry, and supports key Asian languages including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and Bahasa Indonesia, among others. Crucially, it also uses a proprietary deep-learning algorithm to understand mixed languages including Chinglish, Taglish, and Singlish.

Proto has already signed with several Asian-facing operators, who will use the company’s proprietary AI-enabled products for customer support automation. Recently, Proto teamed up with investment company GoldBlue AB for the ability to scale up operations quickly without having to increase costs.

“As we are an iGaming company in expansion, we are looking for a customer support solution that can easily scale. The Proto solution fits into our business model perfectly.”

With its solution, Proto not only offers GoldBlue AB cost-saving opportunities, but also revenue generating potential with AI-driven player acquisition, retention and reactivation. Behavioural analysis on players can trigger relevant promotions in real-time, or commiserating with players over a big loss and offering a bonus as compensation, and even cross-selling of products. If players are idle or having difficulties, the solution can prompt immediate action.

“We believe that the Proto AI-enabled solution could help iGaming operators to increase first-time deposits by at least 10%,” said Proto CEO Curtis Matlock.

“As we are an iGaming company in expansion, we are looking for a customer support solution that can easily scale. The Proto solution fits into our business model perfectly. It would be really fun to build the technology together. GoldBlue is a bright, young, dynamic company and we want to partner with firms that have a similar outlook,” said GoldBlue CEO Andre Rodrigues.

About Proto

Proto, the market-leader in AI Customer Experience (AICX) solutions for multilingual contact centers, serves emerging markets and customer segments with a vertically-integrated customer experience product suite and proprietary natural language processing(NLP) engine for non-English languages. Proto's deep-learning technology and iGaming domain expertise increase automation rates and maximize player lifetime value.

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About GoldBlue AB

GoldBlue AB is a growing investment company founded in 2013 by experienced persons from the financial and gaming industry. The core business of the company consists of investing and administering shareholdings in companies which, through partners or by themselves, offer iGaming to endusers via the internet. GoldBlue AB, through its subsidiary, offers the most comprehensive casino game selection online and on mobile in emerging markets with the greatest growth potential.

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Curtis Matlock is CEO of Proto. He specializes in emerging market entries and adapting the SaaS business model to various cultures and niche industries. To reach Curtis, please write to him at