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Proto releases AICX v2 product suite

February 12, 2020


Proto's AICX v2 offers further vertical-integration of contact center automation processes and NLP languages.

Building on its first version from 2018, Proto is pleased to announce its anticipated v2 product suite, delivering key feature upgrades and language capabilities to clients of its AI Customer Experience (AICX) solutions.

This next version strengthens the vertical-integration of Proto’s customer support automation products and the HermesAI™ natural language process (NLP) engine, adding advanced chatbot logic, proactive engagement, and performance reporting features designed with enterprise contact centers. These improvements extend Proto’s multilingual automation into manual resource intensive functions, such as Know Your Customer (KYC), payment verification, and customer retention.

“The standard in the AI Customer Experience industry are these ‘Frankenstein’ solutions with NLP, chatbots, and livechat stitched together from multiple vendors at high cost,” said Proto CEO Curtis Matlock. “With Proto's AICX v2, we’re not only giving contact centers a single business model, vendor, and interface but also a very transparent and defensible path to ROI from multilingual automation.”

The v2 product suite is designed for each step in the contact center automation pipeline:

Build extends basic chatbots into enterprise-grade functions with JSON APIs, branch logic, and dialogue-based performance measurement.

Chat empowers human agents to be second-tier support for the most complex conversations with skills-based routing, adaptive machine translations, and agent aliases.

Track reduces the manual effort required to collect, categorize, and resolve case tickets with integration for email and livechat.

Train simplifies the chatbot improvement process with automatic dialogue updates and suggestions. 

“Our enterprise customers come from two experiences: dissatisfaction with manual chat products like Zendesk and the realization that NLP engines like Microsoft LUIS are only practical for English in emerging markets,” said Proto CTO Albert Zhuang. “So, we built Version 2 to achieve no small feat — the complete vertical-integration of automated chat and multilingual NLP.”

The release of AICX v2 follows a twelve month development investment, supported by the National Research Council of Canada.

“The Proto team is driven by all indicators that by 2025, the most scalable AI customer support tech will be the most simplified,” said Matlock. “Proto's v2 is a giant leap in that direction.”

About Proto

Proto, the market-leader in AI Customer Experience (AICX) solutions for multilingual contact centers, serves emerging markets and customer segments with a vertically-integrated customer experience product suite and proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine for non-English languages. Proto’s deep-learning technology and domain expertise increases automation rates and maximizes customer lifetime value.

Brittany Martin is Head of Customer Experience of Proto. She specializes in AICX implementations, legal compliance, and multinational project management. To reach Brittany, please write to her at brittany@proto.cx.