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Sinitic is now Proto and raises $2.1M for emerging market expansion

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Vancouver, Canada

Curtis Matlock (CEO) and Albert Zhuang (CTO) started Proto at National Taiwan University

Sinitic, a market-leader in multilingual AI Customer Experience (AICX), is pleased to announce its corporate name change to Proto. This new brand comes with the company’s expansion across emerging markets.

Since its founding at the National Taiwan University, the Proto team has advanced proprietary natural language processing solutions for enterprise contact centers beyond Sino-languages into Southeast Asia, including Thai, Tagalog, Malay, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

In the year ahead, Proto looks forward to announcing further expansion with new language projects in Africa and select regions in Europe across the priority financial, energy and gaming verticals, as well as a client-driven AICX roadmap focused on proactive chat for customer acquisition, retention and reactivation.

“As a global-first team, Proto is at the forefront of applying deep-learning techniques to emerging markets,” said CEO Curtis Matlock. “More than ever, it is our mission to include the planet’s 5+ billion non-English native speakers in the conversational AI revolution — regardless of gender, geography, income, and education level.”

Proto’s expansion is supported with US$2.1M in financing, with R&D-driven contributions from Canada for Proto’s most novel intellectual property, including deep-learning techniques for semi-supervised chat structuring and mixed language understanding (i.e. Chinglish).

About Proto

Proto is a market-leader in AI Customer Experience (AICX) solutions across emerging markets. Proto automates multilingual contact centers with a vertically-integrated product suite and proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine. Proto's deep-learning technology and domain expertise for non-English languages increase automation rates and maximize customer lifetime value.

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Brittany Martin is Head of Customer Experience of Proto. She specializes in AICX implementations, legal compliance, and multinational project management. To reach Brittany, please write to her at