CX automation for iGaming

CX automation for iGaming

Gaming operators and regulators deploy Proto's AI Customer Experience (AICX) solution to scale global multilingual support and ensure responsible gaming.

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Yolo Group

Automated multilingual player experience for Yolo

With players from all over the world, Yolo needed to automate multilingual player support for over 600 chats per day. Proto's AI-enabled platform was the solution, with multilingual, humanlike responses for players in all the languages Yolo players speak including Japanese, English, Portuguese, Turkish.

Yolo integrated Proto with its player management system and deployed Proto on LINE, Telegram, Webchat, and other channels, freeing up live agents to focus on VIP support – and saving on contact centre costs. Best of all, many players prefer the rapid, no-wait support that Proto chatbots can provide over human agents, making the deployment a win-win for Yolo.


increase in contact centre efficiency


of player requests automated


decrease in labour costs

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Proto Solution

Why Proto

Save on player support costs with Proto’s multilingual CX automation

Give players instant support for frequently asked questions.
Deposits and withdrawals
Let players deposit and withdraw funds 24/7.
User profile updates
Automate player profile updates for up-to-the-minute records.
Loyalty points
Offer players personalised loyalty points rewards and promotions.
Leaderboard updates
Update leaderboards automatically with player data.
KYC processes
Streamline compliance with KYC processes built into player support.
Proto Solution

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Branch logic

Automate over 60% of player queries, with branch logic for tailored player journeys.


Multilingual support

Support players in 116 local languages for a global player experience.


Omnichannel service

Deploy on your player’s favourite communication channels at no additional cost.

Chat and track

Support live agents

Boost live agent support with seamless agent takeover, ticket routing, and more.


Scale VIP service

Segment players for personalised VIP service and custom leaderboards for players.


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Return on investment

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Minutes of reduced customer
wait time / month


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Return on investment
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