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Proto to deploy multilingual chatbot for Ayurvedic medicare in India


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Proto is implementing its multilingual AI Customer Experience (AICX) solution at Hempstreet, India’s leading cannabis-based Ayurvedic medicare provider. As the first research-to-retail venture of its kind in India, Hempstreet is deploying Proto's chatbot for Bengali, Hindi and Marathi to ensure efficient patient support across a scaling network of 60,000 doctors.

Hempstreet, via its national doctor network, has access to a potential Ayurvedic medicare patient base of over 35 million. With an increasing scale of patients engaging Hempstreet on a daily basis, supporting this demand not only efficiently – but in local languages – is essential. 

Hempstreet’s current customer experience requires patients to book appointments with doctors or submit their medicare queries via Hempstreet’s English website. 

According to the latest national census, just over 10% of the Indian population is able to speak English with some fluency, and these speakers are most often wealthy and urban-dwelling citizens. This leaves a large majority of the Indian population underserved by the Ayurvedic medicare treatments that provide an ethical and more affordable method of pain relief without the use of opioids.

Hempstreet CEO and Co-Founder Abhishek Mohan said: “In a country as diverse as India, a single language patient experience will not work. In line with our strategy of always partnering with the best in class, we have chosen Proto to ensure we are able to provide patients with the best possible experience so they are kept informed of their medicare options, and seamlessly directed towards our doctor network for an offline consultation. We will always be about the patient and will always look to our doctors as our guiding light as we ensure the responsible dispensation of our medicines. This industry needs to be done right, and this is the piece that ensures no patient that is suffering, is left behind."
Proto CEO Curtis Matlock said: “Proto’s AI Customer Experience solution is designed for medicare providers just like Hempstreet. With an in-demand medicinal product serving a complex multilingual market, the Hempstreet team is focused on efficiently scaling their operation. Proto’s chatbot platform with natural language understanding for Bengali, Hindi, and Marathi – and mixed languages like Hinglish – will save manual effort and provide a more seamless patient experience."

About Proto

Proto is the leading provider of inclusive AI Customer Experience (AICX) solutions for multilingual contact centres in emerging markets, with a vertically-integrated support automation product suite and proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine for under-resourced languages. Proto's deep-learning technology and regulatory partnerships maximise consumer experience, protection, and lifetime value.

About Hempstreet

Hempstreet is a research-to-retail venture operating across India to deliver Ayurvedic cannabis solutions for pain relief. Working in conjunction with leading scientists and a network of over 60,000 doctors, Hempstreet is the leading organisation in the Ayurvedic cannabis industry by scale and the first of its kind in India.

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