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Sprint 12

What's new


proGPT Core Agent Features

Leverage proGPT Core to equip agents with powerful AI-driven functionalities directly within the chat interface.

- Tone Adjustment Capabilities: Enable agents to modify the tone of responses within the chat interface, ensuring tailored communication aligned with diverse customer needs.
- Writing Enhancement Tools: Provide functionalities to adjust writing styles and content directly from the chat interface, enhancing communication clarity and effectiveness.
- Spelling and Grammar Correction: Incorporate AI-powered tools to correct spelling and grammar errors in real-time, ensuring polished and professional responses.

The proGPT Core feature aims to elevate agent efficiency and communication effectiveness by embedding powerful AI features directly into the chat interface.

Dark Mode

Go easy on the eyes with a color and contrast-balanced dark theme

Customer Profile iFrame

Optionally add a tab to the Inbox panel with a provided URL to display information from an external source.

Multi-chat Inbox

To participate in multiple conversations at once, hover over the avatar of a specific chat in the left-hand sidebar. This will display the "Open in split view" button. This allows agents to stay productive in multiple conversations without having to switch pages.

Users & Teams

Invite and assign users to teams within your workspace. This feature offers flexibility and control in managing user access and collaboration. Easily invite new users, assign them to teams based on roles, and start collaborating. Streamline onboarding and enhance teamwork with this update.

Customer Panel

Quickly access and manage information about the active Customer in your conversations. This enhancement aims to improve agent efficiency and enable personalized and effective support.

Canned Replies

Save and access predefined replies for quick access in your conversations. This enhancement helps agents handle common customer queries and provide consistent, accurate responses, improving response time and streamlining the customer support process.


Intercom Integration

In the new Apps page of the bot builder, locate the Intercom configuration button.

This is where you can authenticate your sign-in to your Intercom account. Once you are back in the bot builder, you can now add the Apps Takeover feature to enable chats to be sent over to Intercom.

Proto V3 Integration

In the new Apps page of the bot builder, find the Proto V3 configuration button. Here you improve your Subcompany ID and Takeover Secret.

Back in the bot builder, you can now add the Apps Takeover to have chats sent over to Proto V3.

Agent Online Status Check

Adds the ability of the Agent Takeover block to conditionally check if agents are available.

Livechat Enhancements for Enhanced Agent Experience

Implement comprehensive improvements within Live Chat to elevate the agent experience and streamline customer interactions.

  • Chat Takeover Notifications: Implement notifications to notify agents of chat takeover instances, ensuring smooth transitions and uninterrupted customer service.
  • Persistent Aliases Management: Enable the persistence of aliases between chats, ensuring consistent identification and interaction across multiple chat sessions.
  • Enhanced Image Handling: Configure automatic opening of chat images in new tabs, enhancing the viewing experience and accessibility of shared media within chats.
GPT-Generated Human Intents

Enable GPT to auto-generate human intents that trigger specific bot blocks for enhanced conversational automation.

  • Intent Generation Mechanism: Develop a mechanism within GPT to auto-generate human intents based on conversational context and user inputs, allowing for seamless identification of user intentions.
  • Mapping to Bot Blocks: Establish associations between the generated human intents and corresponding bot blocks, ensuring accurate triggering of specific responses or actions within the bot framework.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix broken request for the analytics page.
  • Fix et language translation
  • Fix broken request for the gateway settings manager
  • Fix broken request for the bot channels
  • Fix an issue where the bot typing indicator does not start directly after the customer's reply
  • Fix an issue where clicking on a chat URL opens up a specific chat

Sprint 11

What’s new

Enhanced Note Colouring

Notes can now be coloured from a beautiful preset palette, or set to custom values.

Webchat File Uploads

Your customers can upload attachments into Webchat conversations with bots or agents. Files can be limited by type, size, or security filtering.

Customer Profile iFrame

Your customers’ profile menu seen in livechats and ticketing now supports iframing of your system’s unique customer data—great for enabling agents to visualize and manage that data directly within Proto.

Webchat Demo Page Redesign

Cosmetic and functional updates to the Webchat sandbox.

Loading Indicator

Build and Chat Histories now indicate their loading state.

Ticket Replies Sent to Respondents

When a customer replies to a ticket, your assigned respondents to that ticket will automatically receive the reply as well.

Bug fixes:

  • The old username is no longer displayed after the user has logged in with the new username
  • Check conversation timeout no longer ends conversations before set timeout duration
  • Fixed the customField returning null in Track API GET cases request
  • Fixed agent messsages being displayed with tags in the Chat list
  • and other bug fixes and security improvements