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AICX Platform
Serve more customers with Proto's AI engine for local and mixed languages.
Monthly interactions 🛈
Interactions include text messages, voice messages and emails sent or received by your customers.
Team members 🛈
A group of users within a Proto AICX Platform account.
Sub-companies  🛈
The organisation account within the Proto AICX Platform.
Chatbots 🛈
Conversational AI assistants for your company.
Training sources 🛈
Groups of users for the Livechat and Tickets modules.
Dashboard 🛈
Basic analytics interface for chats, tickets and customers.
API account access 🛈
Gain access to your Proto account's resources, functionalities, and data via API for seamless integration.
Custom email domains 🛈
Custom domain emails can be configured for sending and receiving tickets and emails, maintaining brand consistency.
Export data 🛈
Capability to export data directly from the Proto interface, facilitating ease of external reporting and analysis.
AICX Add-Ons
Africa's Talking
FB Messenger
MS Teams
X (Twitter)
Initiate chat 🛈
Equip agents to proactively start dialogues with any customer, facilitating timely and direct communication from within the Proto platform for all your channels.
Proactive automation 🛈
Enhance customer relations by automating personalised outreach via chatbots based on customer segments, fostering engagement at crucial touchpoints to boost acquisition, loyalty, and revenue across all integrated messaging channels.
Manual agent intervention 🛈
Enable agents to seamlessly intervene in bot-led conversations, ensuring human touch where it counts for elevated customer service.
Modify writing 🛈
Agent feature to change message tone, customising interactions to suit customer sentiment.
Change tone 🛈
Agent feature to modify their writing, aligning with the desired customer service tone.
Fix writing 🛈
Agent feature to fix spelling and grammar, ensuring professional and accurate communication.
Customer sentiment 🛈
View customer sentiment by customer and conversation, aiding in emotionally intelligent service.
Chat summaries 🛈
Get a summary of chat in the Agent panel, providing quick context for ongoing interactions.
Ticket summaries 🛈
View a summary of tickets in the Agent panel, streamlining the support process.
$4,999 / month
Live translation 🛈
Agent-facing translation feature for real-time, cross-language communication.
GPT data sharing 🛈
Configure data shared with OpenAI and limit to non-private information, enhancing privacy and data security.
Smart completion 🛈
Show agents message suggestions based on embedded information, improving efficiency.
Auto-apply tags 🛈
Tags are applied automatically to chats using AI based on the chat history.
Select GenAI model
Dedicated prompt engineer
Unlimited support 🛈
Get ongoing support via your preferred channel, such as email, WhatsApp or Skype.
Custom analytics dashboard 🛈
Harness the full analytical power of proAnalytics for in-depth data visualization and business intelligence directly on the Proto platform
Sentiment trend analysis 🛈
Track sentiment across interactions to gauge overall customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.
External data overlay 🛈
Export analytical data for use in other tools or integrate with external datasets for enriched insights.
On-premise hosting 🛈
Cater to compliance and local data management needs with on-premise hosting for complete control over data storage and processing within your infrastructure.
White labelling 🛈
Convert the Proto AICX Platform logo and colours to your brand for consistency with your clients and agents.
IP allowlist 🛈
Enable an allowlist of valid IP addresses to secure account access.
Customer profile iFrame 🛈
Embeddable iFrame for displaying customer profile pages from your CRM, backoffice or other solutions within the platform for quick access.
$1,500 / agent / month$1,500 / agent / month$1,500 / agent / month
Multi-language support 🛈
Multiply your agents’ geographic coverage with the proGPT Max add-on feature of live translation, allowing them to chat is multiple languages without the cost of multilingual contact centres.
Flexible contracts 🛈
Alter the number of agents each month based on customer support volume, with no long-term contract to control costs and prevent vendor lock-in.
Prompt expertise 🛈
Hire agents in the Proto AICX Platform that have undergone generative AI prompt engineering training, allowing them to contribute improvements to your chatbots based on their customer interactions.
Dedicated manager 🛈
Onboard agents to your unique requirements after upgrading to proAgents, with a dedicated manager from the contact centre who will contact you.

Enterprise plan

Calculate your enterprise pricing from interaction volume and required add-ons.
interactions / month
$0.02 / interaction base cost
Interactions include text messages, voice messages and emails sent or received by your customers.
+$4,999 / month

Use the latest & fastest GPT version for more powerful chatbots, live translation and more.

+$1,500 / month

Hire contact centre agents to support customers alongside your chatbots.

$499 / month

Use GPT for supercharging agent productivity with tone changing, customer sentiment and more.

$1,499 / month

Track your customer support quality and automation results with custom analytics.

$1,499 / month

Maximise your deployments and security with observer accounts, IP whitelisting and more.


Communicate with your customers across 15+ messaging, helpdesk and web scraping apps.

AICX Platform
/ month
0.02 / interaction

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