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Profit from your
contact center

Proto delivers clear return on investment, with improving machine learning performance for local languages.

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Is the pricing all-inclusive?
Yes. The pricing you see above is the total cost for HermesAI™ and the AICX product suite. You do not have to procure additional software to achieve your multilingual contact center automation project.
Why is the pricing per customer?
Proto believes the cost of automation should be tied directly to the value that it gives to your customers. Pricing models based on number of messages or chats do not accurately reflect enduser value. Proto only grows when more of your customers rely on incredible chatbots.
What if I support 50,000+ customers per month?
Contact to get your quote and ROI analysis.

Pay as you save

Proto’s core AICX products cost a fraction of the savings from multilingual contact center automation.

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Return on investment

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Minutes of reduced customer
wait time / month


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Return on investment
in first year of AICX

AICX results based upon averaged customer data.
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Network effects
Powered by constant HermesAI™ learning across language domains.
Regulator compliance
Built in partnership with supervisory authorities across the Global South.
Global security
End-to-end encryption and secure connector for local databases.
Controlled costs for scaling services across new and existing markets.
Automated complaints processing for regulated digital ecosystems.
Designed for consumers at the bottom of the pyramid.

AI customer experience can be inclusive.