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Case Study

AI-enabled digital banking experience in Nigeria

Sparkle, a digital bank, streamlines banking with online support across channels. It seamlessly integrates an always-on solution with their ticketing system, offering multilingual support, including local languages in Nigeria.


National Bank of Rwanda wins the AFI Financial Inclusion Innovation Award

Proto is thrilled to be the NBR's technical implementation partner for the Intumwa consumer protection chatbot during this journey to strengthen consumer protection in Rwanda.

Case Study

AI-enabled patient experience for a healthcare provider in Philippines

TMC-SL improved patient experience with Proto's AI chatbot, bridging language gaps and providing real-time doctor information.


Empowering regulators from the Philippines to Rwanda with AI consumer protection

Proto’s AI Citizen Experience (AICX) solution has transformed the consumer protection process in countries in Asia and Africa, in line with the surge in newly banked populations driven by the global financial inclusion initiative.

Case Study

AI-based crypto trading experience and protection

Bitflex, a leading Malaysian cryptocurrency exchange, transformed its customer experience and improved ticket resolution rates with Proto's AICX solution.

Case Study

AI citizen experience for the SEC of the Philippines

The Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines (SEC) successfully achieved digitization goals and improved support with Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) solution for government agencies.