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Sparkle is a leading Nigerian digital bank that provides its customers with a wide range of financial services designed for both individual and business owners. They offer bill payments, group banking services, virtual bank cards, loans and more via their website and mobile app.

With a vision to simplify and digitise banking services, they needed an online support system that would cater to its customers across various digital channels. Sparkle chose Proto’s AICX Platform to offer an always-on solution that integrates with their ticketing system and offers support for local languages.

Challenge: Digital banking for a diverse customer base


Faced with an ever-increasing volume of customer service inquiries, Sparkle found that maintaining their commitment to seamless digital banking across multiple digital platforms, including web, mobile, and social media.

The team needed a comprehensive support system to integrate seamlessly with their existing ticketing system and cover all of their digital channels. This integration was crucial to ensure human customer support agents could step in if needed, resulting in high-level service without sacrificing personal touch.

Additionally, being aware of the linguistic diversity in Nigeria, Sparkle required support for local languages such as Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa alongside English.

Process: Integrating conversational, omnichannel chat


To address these challenges and provide a unified customer experience, Sparkle turned to Proto and implemented their AI Customer Experience (AICX) platform.

Proto worked with the Sparkle team to establish a creative automated conversational experience in tandem with a seamless connection with Sparkle’s third-party ticketing system, ensuring a smooth collaboration between the automated chatbot interface and human support agents.

Proto’s AICX platform was also deeply integrated into Sparkle's mobile app, enabling users to ask questions and receive instant responses, as well as raise ticketed complaints if necessary.

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Solution: Innovative CX for local languages


Sparkle’s chatbot, Indy, was deployed across their customer service channels, including their website, mobile app, and WhatsApp – allowing them to resolve multiple queries in real time seamlessly. It also allowed users to create tickets for complaints when needed.

The chatbot is able to provide support in Nigeria’s major local languages, including Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa, significantly improving the service experience for Sparkle's culturally rich and diverse customers.

The implementation of Proto's AICX platform marked a significant milestone in Sparkle's journey towards revolutionizing digital banking in Nigeria. By addressing the challenges of providing seamless support across diverse digital channels, integrating with their existing ticketing system, and offering multilingual support, Sparkle successfully transformed its customer experience.


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The results speak for themselves, with strong engagement, a substantial reduction in manual ticket creation, and widespread adoption among users. As Sparkle continues to innovate, their future in digital banking in Nigeria looks promising, with Proto's AICX platform playing a pivotal role in their success.

About Proto

Proto is the leading generative AI platform for local customer experience. Powered by GPT and its own proprietary AI engine, Proto's AI Customer Experience (AICX) Platform automates transactions, tickets, bookings, and other high-volume interactions for local and mixed languages across text, voice and 20+ messaging channels. Proto is globally-recognized for its inclusive AICX solutions across the government, financial, health and transport industries.