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"We are elated to work with Proto to help give our patients a more efficient and convenient way to interact with us."
Roberto Muñoz
CEO, The Medical City Clinic

The Medical City Clinic

The Medical City Clinic (TMCC) is a private outpatient ambulatory clinic with 1,000+ doctors in Metro Manila and provincial areas of Luzon. TMCC offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for a broad array of diseases, spanning the entire health continuum from preventative to rehabilitative medicine.


Proto is the leader for multilingual contact centre automation in emerging markets. Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) platform is powered by proprietary natural language processing (NLP) for under-resourced and mixed languages. The Proto team has successfully developed novel deep-learning techniques and regulatory partnerships to maximize patient experience, protection, and lifetime value across 20+ emerging markets.


The Medical City Clinic relied on manual support via their hotline and Facebook Messenger channels to support patients. As the number of clinics and patient base grew, the team struggled to keep up with the volume of patient support requests and maintain a high-quality experience.

The high volume of calls coming through the hotline increased wait times, and not all patients were able to connect with support. Facebook Messenger's service automation was limited to four or five frequently asked questions, which wasn't a satisfactory solution either.

Overall, The Medical City Clinic was spending capital on outsourced contact centres but was still unable to provide prompt or efficient responses to patients, leading to frustration and risking patient loyalty.


Proto's AICX platform was implemented as an AI-enabled chatbot, named Med-C, that replaced their limited and rule-based Messenger chatbot and alleviated pressure on the clinic's outsourced contact centre. The chatbot handles over 10,400 chats per month, providing automated service for over 50 clinics.

Leveraging Proto's NLP technology, the chatbot can understand and respond to a wide range of patient requests in Tagalog, Cebuano, and Taglish (Tagalog + English hybrid), as well as integrate with existing systems such as their website and customer service hotline. The chatbot is available 24/7 for patients via webchat, Facebook Messenger, and Viber.

As it continues to scale multilingual support, the Med-C chatbot will be continuously upgraded to increase intent classification accuracy across its historically-underserved languages.


The AI-enabled patient solution delivered the following results within the first three months of deployment, from April to June 2022. It has recently achieved a 92% increase in engaged users in 2023.


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With the help of Proto's chatbot platform, The Medical City Clinic was able to significantly reduce wait times and improve the overall patient experience. The chatbot leveraged cutting-edge AI tools to understand natural language and provided a personalized experience for each patient.

Furthermore, it incorporated a variety of native speakers in order to ensure comprehensive support across all regions in The Philippines. Overall, the automated patient support offered by Proto has helped the clinic stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation in a rapidly changing landscape.