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Universal Storefront Services Corporation (USSC) is a trusted provider of financial services in the Philippines. Over its 60 years in operation, the company has evolved towards providing innovative and customer-centric products and services that benefit Filipinos across the country.

As their services expanded, USSC faced a surge in customer inquiries that called for a new approach. They adopted Proto’s AICX Platform to help keep customer support quality high. This included a chatbot, UNA, which speaks Tagalog along with livechat and achieves seamless integration with USSC’s systems.

Challenge: Scaling customer service for remittances


USSC offers a range of services from money transfers and debit cards to insurance and bill payments. With a growing customer base, they faced an increasingly high volume of customer inquiries and transactions, particularly for remittances, bill payments, and customer service requests.

In the spirit of their commitment to digital innovation, USSC sought to maintain its competitive edge with a digital transformation strategy to modernise customer service. They were looking for a cost-effective, scalable solution to automate routine inquiries, reduce wait times and free up live agents to handle more complex queries.

Process: Optimising the customer journey


Proto's team conducted an in-depth analysis of USSC's existing workflow and customer service patterns. This enabled Proto to tailor the platform to handle USSC’s most common customer inquiries, ranging from routine FAQs to more intricate transactional processes.

Proto also worked with USSC to embed their applications into the chat, offering a familiar yet more convenient user experience to their customers. After over a year of successfully automating inquiries with Proto, USSC will transition to Proto’s upgraded AICX platform for new chat capabilities across their channels.

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Solution: A user-centric, scalable customer journey


USSC’s website and social channels now feature UNA, Proto’s intuitive and user-friendly chatbot with advanced natural language processing capabilities. Proto’s proprietary NLP engine includes superior intent classification for local languages like Tagalog, allowing it to understand and respond accurately to local speakers.

The collaboration aligned with USSC’s digital transformation strategy, resulting in enhanced customer service, reduced response times, and an increase in customer satisfaction.

As they transition to Proto’s upgraded platform, USSC will be able to enhance customer relations, expanding their reach to boost acquisition, loyalty, and revenue across all their integrated channels. Proto's contribution thus marked a significant step forward in USSC's journey towards digital innovation and customer service excellence.

About Proto

Proto is the leading generative AI platform for local customer experience. Powered by GPT and its own proprietary AI engine, Proto's AI Customer Experience (AICX) Platform automates transactions, tickets, bookings, and other high-volume interactions for local and mixed languages across text, voice and 20+ messaging channels. Proto is globally-recognized for its inclusive AICX solutions across the government, financial, health and transport industries.