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PhilCare deploys Proto’s AICX solution to improve quality patient experience


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On June 1, PhilCare, a leading health maintenance organisation in the Philippines, implemented Proto’s AI-enabled patient experience solution to automate multilingual patient support.

Prior to the deployment of Proto's platform, PhilCare relied on customer support via hotline and email. But the growing number of incoming patient requests — sometimes thousands per month — was difficult for human agents to handle.

In late 2021, PhilCare actively sought a solution to automate its contact center. With a diverse client base across the Philippines, the organisation needed a chatbot capable of helping patients with frequent queries in Cebuano, Tagalog, and mixed languages, such as Taglish (mix of English and Tagalog). The primary patient support functions include checking account status, claims submissions, and finding accredited doctors or clinics.

PhilCare CTO Charles Alexis Aquino said: “PhilCare leverages technology to deliver exceptional service to our clients.  We believe that strategic partnerships like the one we have with will help us achieve our goals. In just the first few months of using's platform, PhilCare, immediately felt an improvement in delivering our services. Thank you to the competent team from Proto!”
Proto Asia Director Jennifer Dantoc said: “Philcare’s Phil chatbot is another landmark project for Proto in the Philippines. We are honored to be working with the proactive and dynamic team of Philcare in improving HMO client experience in the country.”

After a one-month trial, Proto's multilingual AICX solution surpassed PhilCare's expectations, reducing patient query resolution to 2 seconds and human agents reliance to 52%.

The implementation of Proto's AICX solution is part of PhilCare's strategy to ensure world-class healthcare services for its Filipino clients while leveraging innovative solutions.

Contact info

Website: Proto
Contact: Jennifer Dantoc, Director of Asia

About PhilCare

PhilCare is one of the Philippines’s pioneering Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), established in 1982. The company is built on a vision to allow Filipinos to enjoy a better quality of life by providing access to world-class health services. Today, PhilCare continues to focus on the customers by delivering innovative and technology-enabled customer experience and improving the customer's access to health care services.

About Proto

Proto is the leader for multilingual contact center automation in emerging markets. Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) platform is powered by proprietary natural language processing (NLP) for under-resourced and rare languages. Proto's novel deep-learning techniques and regulatory partnerships maximise customer experience, protection, and lifetime value.

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