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AICX Add-Ons

Powerful add-ons for superior customer experience

Take your customer experience to the next level with the Proto AICX Platform's add-ons for ChatGPT, messaging apps & helpdesks, proactive chatting and more.

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Boost your CX productivity
Unleash unparalleled efficiency for your bots and agents with the Proto AICX Platform's controlled ChatGPT integrations.
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Integrate your preferred tools
Extend your customer experience capability with popular integrations for messaging, helpdesks and web scraping.
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Engage more customers
Kickstart personalised chats with customers to generate and retain revenue.
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Understand local languages
Serve customers in local and mixed languages beyond the limits of large language models.
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Track your CX metrics
Get actionable insights across your customers, bots and agents with real-time reporting.
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Control your generated AI customer experience

Proto’s AICX Platform delivers multilingual automation with its Chatbots module for APIs, branch logic and more.

Integrate external data effortlessly using JSON APIs within your bot’s dialogue.
Empower bots to chat in 100+ common and underserved languages.
Gather unlimited text and files from customers to simplify data collection.
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Unleash ChatGPT for bot building
Save hours with the Proto's GPT add-on for bot intent generation and dialogue translation.
Auto translations
Tone changing
Intent variations
Intent variations
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Drive new revenue
Kickstart customer chats with personalised and event-based messages.
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Deploy everywhere
Integrate bots with popular messaging, helpdesk and web scraping apps.
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The DTI Chatbot is built to speak the language of DTI's customers, understand their needs, and provide them with an immediate response accordingly.


increase in chats after proActive deployment

Mary Jean Pacheco
Assistant Secretary & Head of Digital, Department of Trade and Industry
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The DTI improves citizen experience with AI-enabled citizen support

Route chats to your human agents

Proto’s AICX Platform combines human agents and AI with its Livechat module for chat routing, canned replies and more.

Team management
Design agent teams with specific roles & permissions, chat assignment logic, and online status updates.
Agent handover
Route bot chats to human agents or takeover from other agents with warm handovers and full context.
Custom loadouts
Provide agents with curated tags, canned replies, customer data integrations and more.
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Unleash ChatGPT for agent workflow
Generate chat summaries and agent message tone, correction & translation to save agents' time on the most repetitive tasks.
Auto translations
Tone changing
Chat summaries
Dialogue suggestions
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Empower agents with omnichannel
Chat with customers across the popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram and Messenger, in addition to webchat and SMS.
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We needed an AI-based solution to automate player support in 10 languages for 600+ chats per day. Proto does it all via webchat, LINE and Telegram and integrates with our player management system.


requests handled by chatbot

Felipe Rezende
Yolo Group, Project Manager
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Automated multilingual player experience for

Track and resolve customer cases

Proto’s AICX Platform combines customer cases and AI with its Tickets module for auto-categorisation, respondents and more.

Case management
Generate cases with auto-filled data from chatbot triggers or agent actions.
Refer customer cases to third-parties and track case communication.
Email integration
Respond to case updates via Proto or your company's email.
"Proto's AI-powered solutions enable us to streamline customer support, address user inquiries promptly, and create a more secure trading environment. This deployment reinforces our commitment to staying at the forefront of the cryptocurrency landscape."


increase in engaged usage

Jeffrey Yee
Business Operations Manager, Bitflex
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Enhance crypto trader experience and protection

Manage your global customer profiles

Proto’s AICX Platform combines CRM features and AI with its Customers module for tagging, profiles and more.

Customer profiles
Streamline the process of auto-creating, managing and utilising insights from unique customer profiles.
Reach out to specific customer groups with personalised chats using segmentation tags.
Channel profiles
Securely capture customer IDs and channel profiles without authentication hassles.
We are excited that we can serve our customers more efficiently with Proto through our digital platforms.


reduction in wait times

Kasali Mwaba Kaingu
Executive Head of Strategic Marketing and Communications, First National Bank
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FNB Zambia improves customer support with AI-enabled banking

Comply with data privacy regulations

Proto’s AICX Platform adapts to local privacy laws with its Hosting module for hybrid deployments and data storage.

Bring your database
Seamlessly transmit and receive customer data from Azure SQL, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases while safeguarding sensitive information from cloud storage.
Comply with national laws
Conform to data privacy regulations while avoiding the high costs associated with on-premise hosting of contact centre software.
In just the first few months of using Proto's platform, PhilCare immediately felt an improvement in delivering our services.


messages exchanged

Alex Aquino
CTO, PhilCare
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AI-enabled healthcare support in the Philippines
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Boost your CX productivity

Achieve unparalleled efficiency for your bots and agents with Proto's ChatGPT integrations.

ChatGPT for bot building
Enhance your bots with the proGPT add-on within the Proto AICX Platform's Chatbots module.
Tone changing
Intent generation
Confusion replies
ChatGPT for agent tasks
Assist your agents with the proGPT add-on within the Proto AICX Platform’s Livechat module.
Message suggestion
Message correction
Tone changing
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Engage customers proactively

Kickstart personalised chats with customers across multiple apps to acquire and retain revenue.

Chat at the right moment
Enable your bots to contact customers via these supported messaging apps with the proActive add-on within the Proto AICX Platform's Chatbots module.
Telegram icon
SMS icon
Line icon
Messenger icon
WhatsApp icon
*Subject to Meta’s messaging template allowances
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Track your contact proficiency

Get actionable insights from across your customers, bots and agents with real-time reporting.

Measure your bot accuracy
Find detailed opportunities to improve overall automation performance for your customers with the proAnalytics add-on within the Proto AICX Platform.
Monitor tickets and respondents
Get alerts and customised reports for ticket trends and respondent performance with the proAnalytics add-on within the Proto AICX Platform.