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The Central Bank of the Philippines is the national supervisory authority for all financial operators in the Philippines, overseeing commercial banks to e-money providers to lenders. The BSP has a strategic mandate to promote broad access to high quality financial services, and to undertake policy initiatives aimed at enhancing financial inclusion, financial literacy, and consumer empowerment. The BSP is also a founding member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

Challenge: Diverse employee inquiries


BSP faced challenges in managing a diverse range of employee inquiries, particularly concerning IT support, HR policies, and training opportunities. Additionally, with the transition to remote work necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a growing need for accessible and reliable information on remote work protocols and digital tools.

Process: Comprehensive internal support


Proto AICX deployed NEA as a comprehensive solution to address BSP's internal communication, training, and HR needs. Leveraging natural language processing capabilities, Proto efficiently categorizes and responds to employee queries across various domains, including Information and Communications, HR, Training, and Work from Home Policy.

Here's a breakdown of the topics it covers:

  • Information and Communications: This section addresses queries related to IT security, remote access, software licenses, and technological support, ensuring employees are equipped with the necessary tools and information for effective communication and productivity.
  • Financial Services: Queries in this category pertain to financial processes, guidelines, and procedures, ensuring smooth operations within the financial services department, including cash advances, supplier claims, and tax requirements.
  • Facilities Management: This section guides maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, covering topics such as disinfection procedures, ventilation, and physical distancing measures within BSP premises.
  • Transport Services: Employees can inquire about transportation services provided by BSP, including shuttle services and assistance for regional/branch offices, ensuring safe and convenient commuting options for personnel.
  • Human Resources: Queries related to HR policies, work arrangements, leave entitlements, and employee welfare are addressed in this section, ensuring clarity and compliance with BSP's HR guidelines.
  • Training: Employees can seek information on training opportunities, accreditation processes, and guidelines for claiming training hours credits, promoting continuous learning and development within the organization.
  • Information Security: This category addresses concerns regarding data privacy, COVID-19 testing protocols, and the handling of sensitive information, ensuring the security and confidentiality of BSP employees' data.
  • Security and Transport: Queries related to security protocols, transportation assistance, and safety measures within BSP premises are addressed here, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees and visitors.
  • Procurement: Employees can seek information on procurement processes, schedules, and guidelines, ensuring transparency and efficiency in BSP's procurement services.
  • Work from Home Policy: This section addresses queries related to remote work arrangements, digital technologies, and communication channels, facilitating a seamless transition to remote work while maximizing digital resources.
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Solution: Improved employee experience


Proto AICX has emerged as a valuable asset in BSP's efforts to enhance internal communication, training, and HR processes. By leveraging AI-powered capabilities, Proto has empowered BSP employees with accessible, reliable support, fostering a culture of efficiency, collaboration, and continuous learning within the organization. As BSP continues to adapt to evolving challenges and opportunities, Proto remains a trusted partner in driving organizational excellence and employee engagement.

  • Enhanced Employee Experience: Proto AICX significantly improved the employee experience by providing quick and reliable answers to queries related to IT support, HR policies, and training opportunities. Employees could access information anytime, anywhere, empowering them to navigate organizational processes efficiently.
  • Streamlined HR Processes: Proto streamlined HR processes by addressing common inquiries regarding leave entitlements, work arrangements, and performance monitoring. This facilitated smoother communication between employees and HR personnel, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Improved Training Accessibility: With Proto's assistance, BSP employees gained access to comprehensive training resources and guidance on accreditation processes. Proto facilitated the dissemination of training materials, enabling employees to enhance their skills and competencies remotely.
  • Seamless Transition to Remote Work: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Proto played a crucial role in facilitating BSP's transition to remote work by providing guidance on remote work policies, digital tools, and communication channels. This ensured continuity of operations while prioritizing employee safety and well-being.

About Proto

Proto is the leading generative AI platform for local customer experience. Powered by GPT and its own proprietary AI engine, Proto's AI Customer Experience (AICX) Platform automates transactions, tickets, bookings, and other high-volume interactions for local and mixed languages across text, voice and 20+ messaging channels. Proto is globally-recognized for its inclusive AICX solutions across the government, financial, health and transport industries.