Why is AICX about inclusion in 2021?
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Save agents from repetition

Never allow agent turnover and wait times to hurt customer experience. Proto's Chat repurposes agents for second-tier and urgent support.

Chat relieves customer support agents by only transferring the most qualified chats, which are routed by team, language, and more.
Katherine Zhang
Product Manager
Malaysia Flag

Agent takeover

Pass chatbot conversations to human agents,
with seamless handover and full context.

Team routing

Assign chats to agents automatically,
with filtering for language, country, and more.

Network effects
Powered by constant HermesAI™ learning across language domains.
Regulator compliance
Built in partnership with supervisory authorities across the Global South.
Global security
End-to-end encryption and secure connector for local databases.
Controlled costs for scaling services across new and existing markets.
Automated complaints processing for regulated digital ecosystems.
Designed for consumers at the bottom of the pyramid.

AI customer experience can be inclusive.