Code of Ethics

Last Updated: 21 October 2020


Proto's professional code of ethics policy aims to provide guidelines detailing Proto's position on business ethics and various controversial matters. We trust you to use your better judgment, but we want to provide you with a concrete guide you can fall back upon if you are unsure about how you should act (e.g. in cases of conflict of interest). We will also use this policy to outline the consequences of violating our code of ethics.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, partners or any other persons or entities with which Proto is affiliated. For clarity, this includes individual people such as interns, volunteers and freelancers, as well as business entities such as vendors, resellers, customers and investors. All of these parties will be referred to as 'team members'.


Having our business ethics in writing does not indicate a lack of trust in any party. Proto expects by default that team members will have a high ethical standard.

However, a written code of ethics can still be helpful for certain situations. You may find yourself in a dilemma where you are not certain how Proto would expect you to act. Professional life can be full of grey areas where right and wrong are not so apparent.

Additionally, every person and entity does make bad decisions once in a while. While Proto may not be able to predict these incidents, we can have clear guidelines on what remedial actions will be considered and performed.

For these reasons, we advise you to read this document carefully and consult with your manager or company point of contact if you have doubts or questions.


Proto's code of ethics is based upon the following common-sense principles:

●    Respect for others. Treat people as you expect to be treated.

●    Value creation. Aim to exceed customer expectations at all times.

●    Integrity and honesty. Report any actual or suspected wrongdoing immediately.

●    Justice. Make certain you are objective and fair and do not disadvantage others.

●    Lawfulness. Know and follow local and international law. Always.

●    Competence and accountability. Work honestly and be responsible for your work.

●    Teamwork. Collaborate, listen and ask for help.

Respect for others

Proto recognizes that all of its team members are important to the company's growth. Thus, we value mutual respect, openness, civility and politeness in all of our relationships and we expect all of our team members to act in accordance with that value. Proto's management exercises a zero-tolerance policy in the case of any and all forms of harassment, misconduct or abuse.

Failure to demonstrate respect for others will result in termination.

Value creation

Proto is committed to providing its customers with a level of service that exceeds minimum standard. We expect all team members to provide prompt and professional service that adds value to the customer experience.

Failure to deliver an acceptable level of service and subsequent loss of customer loyalty or negative customer feedback will result in a performance improvement period and potential termination.

Integrity and honesty

Proto aims to build and maintain its reputation at the highest possible standard across all markets of operation. Thus, all team members are expected to immediately report any potential wrongdoing to company management, even if this wrongdoing may be implied, perceived or otherwise suspected.

Failure to report wrongdoing will result in immediate termination.

Conflict of interest

Conflicts of interest may occur whenever your interests lead you to actions, activities or relationships that undermine Proto. This includes situations such as using your position’s authority for your own personal gain or exploiting company resources to support a personal money-making endeavour. Even when you seemingly act to the company’s advantage, you may actually cause serious liability for the company. For example, if an employee uses dubious methods to acquire competitor intelligence, these actions may have a positive impact on the company’s revenue, however, it is an ethical violation and it will put the company at a legal risk and promote unhealthy business practices.

If you create an intentional conflict of interest, you will be terminated. If the conflict of interest was involuntary (e.g. buying stocks from a publicly-listed entity without knowing it is a competitor), you must report this as soon as the conflict comes to your attention and take actions to rectify the situation. If you repeat an involuntary conflict of interest, you may be terminated.


Proto expects its team members to never act in a way that exploits others, their hard work or their mistakes. Everyone must be given an equal opportunity. Thus, team members shall be objective when making decisions that can impact others, especially when hiring, promoting, demoting or terminating a team member. You must be certain that you can justify any decision with written records, an impartial witness or commonly-accepted precedent.

When exercising authority, be fair. Do not show favouritism towards a specific team member and be transparent when you decide to praise or reward. All team members are forbidden from having a reporting relationship with a relative. If you need to discipline a team member, be certain to have prepared a case that you can present to management.

If you suspect that you may have an unconscious bias that influences your decisions, ask for help from a management member or Proto point of contact.

Failure to follow these principles of justice will result in a performance improvement period and potential termination.


Proto expects all team members to adhere to the laws of the countries governing applicable contractual agreements and the laws of countries of operation. All legal documents must be approved and signed by Proto management. Proto management exercises a zero-tolerance policy for fraud, bribery, corruption, extortion and any kind of assault.

Failure to adhere to the law will result in termination.

Competence and accountability

Proto is committed to competence and accountability in all of our endeavours. We expect all  team members to put a healthy amount of effort and a high standard of quality into their work. We also encourage team members to seek opportunities for learning and development.

Furthermore, we value individual responsibility and expect all team members to take ownership for their actions. We believe in owning up to both successes and failures, no matter how embarrassing.

Failure to be competent or accountable on a regular basis or in crucial situations will result in a performance improvement period and potential termination.


Proto is committed to maintaining a positive and collaborative work environment. Proto has an extraordinarily diverse team of individuals based around the world, and we acknowledge the different set of skills, values, strengths, weaknesses and perceptions of the people on our team. We believe in teamwork and the importance of thoughtful and respectful cross-cultural communication. We expect all our team members to not only strive for their own individual success, but to ensure the success of the entire team.

Failure to advance the interests of the team will result in a performance improvement period and potential termination.

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