Healthcare service in Global South? Deploy free COVID-19 awareness chatbot in your language
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Automation savings for emerging markets

Proto delivers clear and predictable automation costs for emerging markets, at a superior value to Western vendors.

Pay as you save

Proto’s core AICX products cost a fraction of the savings from contact center automation.


5% discount

$ ¥ £ R

per month


Pay as you translate

Proto’s AICX product expansion for adaptive translation costs a fraction of the savings from agent shift reductions.


5% discount

$ ¥ £ R

per month


Save like industry leaders

The chatbot has significant potential to bring us closer to consumers than ever before – improving communication, reducing costs, and supporting timely enhancement of policies and enforcement of supervisory actions.
Nestor Espenilla Jr.
Former Governor, Central Bank of the Philippines
Proto's ability for mixed-language chatbots with natural language processing allows us to converse automatically with our B2C and B2B customers via Whatsapp across over 1000 fuel stations.
Yong Sook Wah
Manager of TipTop Project Group, Petronas Dagangan Bhd

Vertical integration
for better value

Benefit from the savings of a single solution for chatbots, livechat and natural language processing.

What's AICX?
The future of AICX is proactive engagement to increase active customers, reduce churn, and win back revenue. This is Proto’s roadmap.
Albert Zhuang

Pay as you grow

Proto’s AICX expansion for personalized prediction costs a fraction of new revenue from proactive engagement.


Convert potential customers across channels and languages

per month

$ ¥ £ R


Retain declining customers with predicted incentives

per month

$ ¥ £ R


Reacquire churned customers with personalized incentives

per month

$ ¥ £ R

Return on investment

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