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DTI launches Proto’s new AICX Platform to streamline business name registration


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Left to right: Business Name Registration Division Chief Philip Jason Roque, e-Commerice Director Atty. M. Marcus N. Valdez II, Undersecretary Mary Jean Pacheco, Proto CEO Curtis Matlock, Proto Head of Engineering Weiying Kok, Proto Strategic Account Executive Jeni Dantoc

The Department of Trade and Industry in the Philippines is harnessing Proto’s upgraded AICX Platform to streamline business name registration along with a new pilot project for complaints management.

Since 2022, The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has leveraged Proto’s AICX Platform for its chatbot, TIA, which automates FAQs across six functional groups and enabled them to comply with their No Wrong Door policy.

Now, the DTI is testing Proto’s updated AICX Platform to streamline Business Name Registration via the BNRS website. The update will enable DTI to scrape the website to create a functional chatbot in minutes, enabling their largest department to automate the business name registration process and significantly reduce the team’s administrative workloads.

So far, the response from DTI has been overwhelmingly positive. The new upgrade includes the proAnalytics feature, which enables the team to track citizen sentiment, engagement, and more to identify citizen support trends in real time. In the future, the DTI will consider expanding the new platform across multiple departments to improve the citizen experience.

Additionally, Proto is working with the DTI’s Consumer Protection Group (DTI-CPG) on a pilot project to improve consumer complaints management with a new Philippine Online Dispute Resolution System (PODRS). With funding and assistance from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the CPG will streamline management of consumer complaints.

After experiencing a rise in consumer complaints during the pandemic due to an increase in online shopping, the DTI proposed the new system as a nationwide solution that links all consumer protection departments and serve as a portal for all citizen complaints.

When their new chatbot, TIA 2.0 is launched, it will combine FAQs and consumer complaints management for centralised, streamlined citizen support across government agencies.

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