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How generative AI chatbots can help your healthcare admin staff


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In the delicate world of healthcare, administrative staff are often overwhelmed with routine tasks, from scheduling appointments to managing patient inquiries. This workload not only consumes valuable time but also increases the risk of errors, which can impact patient care and satisfaction.

Thankfully, there is now a gradual and much-needed focus on innovative technology targeted at improving healthcare administration.

For example, the Asian Development Bank's $450 million loan to bolster the Philippines' healthcare system is a new stepping stone for innovative solutions in this region, aiming in part to improve the interoperability of information systems as part of a government mandate to improve access to healthcare.

Proto’s success with healthcare deployments in the Philippines showcases the potential for AICX solutions to help scale the growing need in this sector, with deployments for insurance provider PhilCare and The Medical City Clinic that automate appointment booking, exam results, and patient queries.

Proto’s solution for healthcare providers

Healthcare workers often grapple with unstructured data and labour-intensive administrative tasks that impede staff ability to make an impact on patients’ lives. Better continuity of care includes follow-ups after appointments, reminders, and the ability to quickly relay information to providers in insurance networks.

Here’s how Proto’s AICX Platform has the potential to revolutionise care:

  • Automate appointment bookings: Optique Optometrists automated 61% of online appointment bookings with Proto AICX, reducing reliance on admin staff to manage calendars.
  • Chat with patients over multiple channels: The Medical City Clinic South Luzon uses Proto AICX to scale patient communication over webchat, Messenger, and Viber, with a centralised platform
  • Connect healthcare networks: PhilCare uses Proto’s AICX Platform to connect a network of 48,000 affiliated doctors, automating exam results and letter of authorisation requests.

Keeping patient information safe

With strict regulations on patient data privacy, healthcare providers must be cautious about the digital tools they use. Proto’s flexible data storage options enable organisations to adapt to local privacy laws with the option to connect external databases for information storage, limit IPs that can access Proto, and embed iFrame to display customer profile pages.

In chats that contain sensitive personal information, Proto can switch to its proprietary ProtoAI engine to safeguard against potential errors in data anonymisation. This protects names, account numbers, addresses, and other personal identifiable information from being fed into LLMs for retraining.

Keeping information accurate

Clinics delivering important diagnostic and prescriptive information over chat need to ensure their chatbot won’t hallucinate. Proto’s AICX Platform is designed to keep humans in the loop in sectors like healthcare where accuracy and data protection are paramount, with Livechat features that seamlessly integrate chatbot and live agent communication.

Additionally, Proto chatbots include prompt controls that enable organisations to specify the exact language of outputs for certain queries, ensuring patients get accurate, consistent delivery of information.

Ensuring language isn’t a barrier to care

Healthcare providers often serve patients in local languages other than English—but many large language models can’t always identify a local language like Tagalog. ProtoAI™ gives chatbots a stronger understanding of local languages, with a large language model trained on local language data for superior performance that ensures language isn’t a barrier to accessing healthcare. Providers like The Medical City Clinic use Proto’s AICX Platform to streamline patient service in local languages like Tagalog and Cebuano.

Enabling continuity of care

When clinics integrate information systems, it can be a game-changer for patients that rely on a first point of contact for test results, appointment reminders, and more. The Medical City South Luzon uses Proto’s AICX Platform to offer automated service across over 50 clinics, allowing patients to ask about services and get a response in seconds. Providers can also use proApps to integrate care across the channels patients use most, from Messenger to WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS.

Symptom checking

Patients can check symptoms right from healthcare websites with a chatbot trained on diagnostics via proData, which allows providers to connect their internal diagnostic data via an API. Proto’s enhanced security features enable medical clinics to limit training to internal documentation to prevent chatbot hallucinations, and allows the option to train the chatbot on a specific response when precise language is necessary.

Appointment booking

Instead of stretching staff resources thin with administrative tasks, clinics can use Proto to automate appointment booking and send reminders about upcoming appointments.

Confirmation of potential patient use of services

Proto’s proAnalytics tool can track patient use across language, geography, and other metrics to evaluate where patients are originating from. Additionally, Clinics can embed any other Google Looker Studio analytics to embed a business intelligence dashboard into their patient contact centre.

Proto’s AICX Platform is a step towards safer innovation

As generative AI transforms the way organisations deliver value, one thing is clear: there’s a high need for solutions that can maintain accuracy, safety, and trust. In environments where regulatory compliance, data protection, and precise control of chatbot output is paramount, Proto stands to grow its presence as a trusted way to harness generative AI.

Take the leap towards improved patient experience with Proto’s AICX Platform. Explore how our cutting-edge solutions can transform your operations. Book a demo today!

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