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Chatbot for Government Services

Automate citizen engagement

Government agency operators and ombudsmen embrace Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) solution to decrease multilingual support costs and improve citizen engagement.

Fiscal Constraint

Control operational costs from expanding citizen engagement volumes.

Include Everyone

Engage citizens in all regions regardless of language, geography or gender.

Trend Analysis

Rapidly inform policy-making with trend analysis of complaints across government agencies.

Citizen support with automation

Government agencies use Proto's AICX solution to deliver automated public services, including tax collection, municipal advisories, and democratic participation. The solution also provides handling of repetitive citizen support queries across local languages and underserved populations.

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Citizen protection with automation

Government ombudsmen use Proto's AICX solution to overcome scaling complaint volumes, limited citizen protection resources, and outdated manual whistleblower processes. The solution also provides direct intervention capability and analysis of complaint trends for rapid policy-making.


Automate beyond citizen support

Citizen engagement is just the first phase of Proto’s AICX solution for the government sector.

Establish the National Standard

Innovate by example and encourage service providers to adopt similar inclusion technology.

Counter Disinformation

Repurpose support channels to deliver proactive and accurate information that improves citizen outcomes.

Increase Trust in the State

Establish a direct connection between the ombudsman and citizens to ensure recourse and trust is state services.

24/7 x 365 contact center automation

Proto's AICX platform automates 100% of contact centre operations with chatbots, livechat, cases, CRM and analytics.

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