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Reseller Guide

Welcome to Proto's Reseller Program

Most organizations in emerging markets don’t offer inclusive quality support. It’s common to find large bank groups and telecom companies that serve their clients with broken and limited chatbots or only an online form or hotline. Together, we’ll change this.

Proto is the leader for multilingual contact centre automation and works with partners that deliver a hyper-local advantage. With 80% of businesses projected to deploy chatbot and automation systems by 2022, we’re looking forward to serving these clients with you.


companies deployed on Proto


average first-year ROI for Proto clients

sYour roadmap

Days 0 to 30: Getting started

Establish a solid base to start selling AICX and reach out to the first prospects.

  1. Send your company assets. Provide us with a description of your company, your offering, how Proto would integrate with your product (if applicable), and your website and logo.
  2. Check the list of engaged companies. Check our list of leads that are already being targeted by Proto and other partners to avoid overlap.
  3. Add leads to Hubspot. Add leads you’re planning to target to Hubspot to avoid Proto or other partners reaching out to the same companies.
  4. Discover the platform. Register for a free trial account here
  5. Reach out to us and send the link to your new account. We’ll add credits to it so it’s valid for longer than 14 days. We are available to support you as needed.
  6. Introduce Proto to your clients. We prepared an example of email that can be used to introduce Proto - this should be adapted according to the receiver industry and needs. Feel free to create your own email - we’re available to review the text if needed.
  7. Bi-weekly check-ins. Once you signed the agreement, you immediately received invitations for your bi-weekly check-ins in the email registered with us. These are scheduled at a generic hour so let us know in case that doesn’t work for you.

Days 31 to 90: Reselling and Implementing

  1. Your goal now is to sign your first client. Proto team is available to support you on demos and with questions. Don’t worry, once you sign a client we’ll dedicate a team to help you deploy the solution for them as soon as 1 month. If a partner prefers to set up the account by itself, that’s also possible.
  2. Demo the solution. Slide decks are available for a number of industries for you to use during the demos or to add information to your own slide decks. Proto team can join you during the demos as needed.
  3. Offer free trials. Your clients are free to test the platform for free for 14 days. You can send them to this link where they’ll create a new account and can use our sample bots. Alternatively, you can create an account yourself and set up a demo bot for them to have a more personalised experience.
  4. Send proposals. Send proposals to your prospects. You’ll find an example of a proposal used by Proto inside your ClickUp checklist.

Sales process

How much of the sales process you decide to handle is up to you and that’s what will define the commission earned. This can be different for each of your clients, so you can decide on a case-by-case basis. 

For example, for your first clients, it’s likely you’ll need the Proto team to join most of the calls, answer most questions, handle implementation and other aspects of the pre and post-sales process. 

Once you’re experienced in the platform you can move to being an independent partner and needing almost zero support.

Here’s a demo recording by our CEO Curtis Matlock to Multibank Group won in 2021 for deployment across 25 countries and 11 languages. It will help you better understand how we pitch our product to close sales.

And here’s an example of a proposal that we use for our clients. It might help you create your own proposals for your clients.


As technical resellers, it’s your responsibility to sign proposals with your clients and receive payments from them. The amount transferred to Proto is always as broken down below, but our partners are free to decide the amount charged to their clients by adding a markup to the total amount.

Commissions are payable on the first year of licensing, but by adding mark-up when charging your customers you’ll ensure this revenue for as long as the customer uses Proto.

Proto AICX pricing

Proto charges an optional one-time implementation fee plus a licensing that can be paid monthly or annually. In case a reseller or client wants to work on the implementation by themselves, no implementation fee will be charged.

  • Implementation: A fixed $3000 if our team is needed to work on the implementation. 
  • License: Annual or monthly payments charged per number of unique end-users a month - the fee by end-user decreases as the volume increases. Check Proto pricing page.

End-Users per month
Unit cost per month
Annual discount
0 – 1,000
1,001 – 5000
$0.50 / End-User
$1,000 + (End-Users – 1,000) x $0.50
5,001 – 10,000
$0.10 / End-User
$3,000 + (End-Users – 5,000) x $0.10
10,001 – 20,000
$0.10 / End-User
$3,000 + (End-Users – 5,000) x $0.10
20,001 – 30,000
$0.10 / End-User
$3,000 + (End-Users – 5,000) x $0.10
30,001 – 40,000
$0.10 / End-User
$3,000 + (End-Users – 5,000) x $0.10
40,001 – 50,000
$0.10 / End-User
$3,000 + (End-Users – 5,000) x $0.10
50,001 – 100,000
$0.05 / End-User
$7,500 + (End-Users – 50,000) x $0.05
$0.01 / End-User
$7,500 + (End-Users – 50,000) x $0.01


Our partners are free to add a markup on top of the price charged by Proto. The amount transferred to Proto won’t change and the commission received by the partner is on the original pricing charged by Proto.

Revenue sharing

Commissions vary according to the assistance you’ll require from Proto for each client. They incur on all payments from referred clients during the first year of licensing and are payable to the partners as soon as Proto received the payments from the clients.

Autonomous - 30%

Setup an account without Proto assistance. The whole process will be handled by the partner, from introducing the solution to a lead up until signing the contract and implementing the solution. For this case, Proto would be available for support but wouldn’t work directly on any of the steps.

Collaborative - 20%

Setup an account with Proto assistance. The partner and Proto will work together during the sales process, so more time will be required from our team for calls and during the implementation process.

Referral - 10%

Introduce a potential account to Proto. The partner will only introduce a client to Proto and we would handle the sales process completely.

Proto's AICX platform

The Proto AICX platform is very user-friendly and can be easily set up even by individuals without a technical background. 

Here’s a video to walk you through our products available inside the platform. A more comprehensive guide can be found once you create your account and walk through the platform.

See our documentation to know more about each aspect of the platform.


These are very useful links to be used during the sales process and platform setup. Make sure to go through each of them during your onboarding process.

Partners data room
Google Drive
Slide decks by industry
Google Drive
Intro email example
Google Docs
Pricing page
Comparison Proto x competitors
ROI calculator for clients
Database with case studies and PRs to share with prospects
Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP) case study
Proto documentation
Proto roadmap page - clients can request features

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How much do I earn from 2.5 to 10% commission?

You earn a 2.5 to 10% commission off of every referred lead’s first-year license. You can check our pricing and have a better idea of the amount you’ll be receiving on commissions by checking our pricing page.

Do you have any marketing materials I can use?

Yes, partners have access to a variety of resources and our marketing collateral. We know what sells, you get to take advantage of this experience.

I want to build chatbots rather than just hand over leads. Is that possible?

Yes. Our technical partners can implement and white label Proto AICX solution for no cost. Technical partners can either use the Proto brand or their own branded version of Proto and sell to their clients directly, handling demos, answering their questions, and implementing the solution, while making more money for their efforts.

Can I add a markup to the prices?

Yes. You’re free to add a markup to the prices we offer when sending your proposal to clients.

I want to build chatbots rather than just hand over leads. Is that possible?

Yes. Our technical partners can implement and white label Proto AICX solution for no cost. This means you can sell the solution as your own, but the platform itself will still have Proto branding.

I have technical questions, how do I find answers?

Checking our documentation will allow you to understand better the platform and clarify most of your questions. If you still have any, feel free to contact us and list them.

Observer Guide

Learn more about the observer role in the Proto platform

observer guide scheme
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