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Les vaccins contre la COVID-19 de Pfizer  et Moderna sont des vaccins à ARN messager...
Comment fonctionne le vaccin contre la COVID-19?

Proto for countering disinformation

AI Customer Experience is more than cost savings — protect vulnerable communities with accurate and easy-to-access information.

Crisis education

Counter disinformation regarding national crises with educational content.

Mass communication

Reach bottom-of-the-pyramid citizens with accessible chatbots via SMS and messaging apps.

Rapidly deploy

Design and release chatbots to counter disinformation with Proto's rapid deployment process.


Counter disinformation
with AICX

Proto's AI Customer Experience platform is designed for regulators to rapidly counter disinformation with educational and highly-accessible chatbots.

Reach global consumers
Automate local languages
Transfer chats to agents
Network effects
Powered by constant HermesAI™ learning across language domains.
Regulator compliance
Built in partnership with supervisory authorities across the Global South.
Global security
End-to-end encryption and secure connector for local databases.
Controlled costs for scaling services across new and existing markets.
Automated complaints processing for regulated digital ecosystems.
Designed for consumers at the bottom of the pyramid.

AI customer experience can be inclusive.