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Proto CX automation for e-pharmacies

Online pharmacies deploy Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) solution to make medication and health services more accessible in local languages.

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Reduce website bounce rate by 50%

Optique Optometrists decreased their bounce-rate by 50% with Proto’s sneak peek feature.

Connect over 1K+ doctors

The Medical City Clinic connects 1K+ doctors across 50 clinics, handling 268K+ messages per month.

Respond to patients in less than 2 seconds

PhilCare achieved a 2s response time for over 1.23M messages, serving 400K+ patients across the Philippines.

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Pharma companies can use AI automation for decentralised trials, e-pharmacies, and health care provider outreach – but it’s important to tailor these solutions for local markets.




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What is AICX for e-pharmacies?

AICX for e-pharmacies can automate conversational support for patients across multiple channels, while organizing customer data for live servicce agents. They can help answer frequently asked questions about medication, fill prescriptions, assist with transaction processing, and more. 

Proto offers support over 100 local languages such as Tagalog, Kinyarwanda, and Twi, allowing e-pharmacies to reach underserved customer segments and new patient markets with multilingual contact centres.

How is AICX used for e-pharmacies?

AICX platforms like Proto can resolve queries and complete administrative tasks quickly using automation, integrations, natural language processing and machine learning. They can:

  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Help patients fill prescriptions and find products
  • Send reminders about medication and appointments
  • Provide information on medication dosage, side effects, and interactions
  • Process payments when linked to an e-commerce checkout

Proto’s AICX platform can also monitor automation performance and patient satisfaction with location-based data and other analytics.

What are the advantages of using CX automation for e-pharmacy?

CX automation allows e-pharmacies to fill prescriptions and help patients at scale while mitigating patient service costs. With rapid support and timely notifications, CX automation offers many advantages including:

  • Reducing wait times for patient care
  • Proactively engaging website visitors
  • Making important information more accessible
  • Reducing human error in administrative tasks

Proto can also be maintained without advanced technical knowledge — so new queries can be added easily as service options grow and change.

What are the advantages of Proto’s solution over other CX automation providers?

Proto’s multilingual, AI-enabled patient service platform offers support for underserved and rare languages. While most CX automation is only available in common languages, Proto can communicate in languages such as Tagalog, Kinyarwanda, and Twi, as well as mixed languages such as Taglish.

With multilingual support, Proto is able to categorize and triage patient queries based on language, streamlining administration for multilingual contact centres. Proto also offers omnichannel support across local channels such as Africa’s Talking, Line, and Zalo.

Where can I find more information about Proto?

For more in-depth information about how Proto has helped governments and businesses, take a look at our case studies.

For more information on how the Proto platform works, take a look at our documentation.

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