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Creating an observer account

An observer is the most basic user account in Proto. It has limited access within a company's premium account. In the case of regulators, their supervised institutions are invited to be observers within their account.

As an observer, your institution will be able to perform the respondent role for replying to consumer cases that are lodged against your institution. Note that other observers will not be able to see your assigned cases.

You will receive an invitation email. Click on the link to go to the sign-up page and login.

Adding internal notes

An internal note is a private note that can only be viewed by users. These can provide additional context for complex and unresolved cases. Consumers will not be able to view internal notes.

To add an internal note, select a case and then click Internal note from the menu in the text box. Enter your note in the textbox, and then click the send icon to post.

Sending public replies

A public reply is a message sent by you to the consumer. This reply can be viewed by the premium account owner (e.g. the regulator).

To send a public reply, select public reply from the menu in the textbox.

Choose the recipient(s) of the public reply. Enter your message and then click the send icon to post. The recipient(s) will receive an email with the public reply.

Any responses from the recipient(s) will be posted for your viewing.

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Observer Guide

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