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AICX for Financial Inclusion

Proto CX automation for financial inclusion

AI Citizen Experience (AICX) delivers more than cost savings — include underserved communities with scalable and accessible conversational banking.

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Competition and Consumer Protection Commission of Zambia
Bank of Zambia
African Development Bank
Bank of Ghana
National Bank of Rwanda
Securities and Exchange Commission
Central Bank of Liberia
Central Bank of the Philippines
Philippines Department of Trade & Industry

Raise the market standard

Innovate by example and encourage the financial ecosystem to adopt inclusive technology.

Improve financial literacy

Deliver proactive advice and misconduct warnings to first-time financial consumers.

Increase trust in the state

Establish a direct connection between the regulatory authority and financial consumers.


Financial consumer protection automation in the Philippines

The automated consumer protection system at the Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP) set the standard for accessible recourse in emerging markets, handling a 4x surge in complaints without expanded wait times nor operational costs.



Include financial consumers with automation

Proto's AI Citizen Experience platform helps financial operators deploy chat banking for marginalized populations.

Engage citizens & diasporas
Automate local languages
Transfer chats to agents

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