Industry insight: The state of CX automation in iGaming

Executive summary

As the iGaming industry continues to experience a sea change, gaming brands must stay agile to remain afloat. Unprecedented growth in recent years means more players, but also more competition. With more brands than ever competing for player attention, better player support can give iGaming brands a competitive edge.

Now more than ever, players are more likely to expect instant, accessible support on their favourite messaging apps – and iGaming brands that want to maintain player satisfaction need to keep up with these expectations. AI-enabled tools can offer iGaming brands efficient ways to support players, gain insights about their player base, and ensure regulatory compliance at a fraction of the cost of live service.

This report will explore the challenges, success strategies, and tools that can empower iGaming brands to enhance player support without exhausting their budget.

In this guide, you will find out how CX automation can:

  • Automate 60% of player support, saving 20% on player support costs
  • Keep VIP players satisfied and boost player loyalty
  • Manage player data and regulatory risk

Read our strategic guide to find out more.

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Case Study

AI-based crypto trading experience and protection

Bitflex, a leading Malaysian cryptocurrency exchange, transformed its customer experience and improved ticket resolution rates with Proto's AICX solution.

Case Study

AI citizen experience for the SEC of the Philippines

The Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines (SEC) successfully achieved digitization goals and improved support with Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) solution for government agencies.


University of Cambridge SupTech Lab selects Proto for AI consumer protection in Ghana and Indonesia

Proto to deliver AI-based complaints management and public sentiment supervisory technology solution to the financial regulators of Ghana and Indonesia in partnership with the University of Cambridge’s SupTech Lab.


Proto’s AICX platform enhances Bitflex’s crypto trading customer education, security and support

Bitflex deploys Proto’s AICX to enhance consumer experience and protection during cryptocurrency transactions, with verification and advisory messages across channels and languages.


The Medical City’s South Luzon Hospital deploys Proto's AICX platform for patient experience

The Medical City - South Luzon (TMC-SL) implemented Proto’s AICX solution to improve the quality of patient care and enhance the overall healthcare experience at TMC-SL.

Case Study

AI-enabled player support in Asia

Betadda, a leading online gaming brand in Asia, scaled Proto CX automation across four countries for 24/7 player support in Hindi, Hinglish and English.

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