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Proto AI Customer Experience solution offers support in over 100 underserved and rare languages, while’s bot focuses on South African languages. Proto also offers no-code solutions for multiple industries, while’s focus is on the financial services industry.


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Natural language processing

With the proLocal™ natural language processing engine, Proto chatbots understand 100+ underserved and mixed languages, such as Cebuano, Kinyarwanda, and Twi — while’s bot speaks only 14 languages.

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Wide omnichannel support

Proto's AI Customer Experience solutions can be deployed on both offline (SMS) and online (WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter) channels.

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Pay for your customers

Proto's AICX platform pricing is matched to the volume of customers that seek support. Other pricing models that charge per tiers of messages, agents, or chatbots make it difficult to calculate ROI. Reach out to learn more about Proto's flexible prepaid pricing option.

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Deploy fast with proven multilingual chatbots

Proto offers conversational automation pre-built with industry-specific dialogue and best practices. This shortcuts the deployment process for contact centres serving specific markets and languages.

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Localized global support for enterprise and government

Proto staff are located strategically around the world and speak the same languages as our clients. This level of 24/7 and localised support is essential for optimising chatbot performance.

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Try for free with no credit card required

Proto offers a free live chat solution, in addition to a free 14-day trial of the full AI Customer Experience platform with no payment commitment. This allows your contact centre to prove the automation of multilingual customer support across multiple channels.

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Why Proto

Why should you choose Proto AICX?

Local customer engagement

Powered by the proLocal™ natural language processing (NLP) engine, Proto's chatbots speak 80+ underserved and mixed languages that could be critical for including or expanding your customer base.

Hybrid privacy and security

Proto's cloud-based AICX platform is capable of hybrid deployments with on-premise systems and maintains compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, SOC, and PCI DSS.

Predictable pricing & ROI

Proto offers all-inclusive, per-customer volume pricing with no hidden fees. As a result, it is straightforward to scale your multilingual customer support operation without the nuisance of runaway message or API call volumes.

Easy for non-technical teams

Proto's drag-and-drop platform is designed for non-technical users that need to quickly edit chatbot dialogue, learn from analytics, takeover customer conversations, and integrate with messaging channels.