Industry insights: CX automation for African clinics

Executive summary

According to the Africa Health Agenda International Conference, less than half of Africans receive adequate health care, and 15M people are pushed into poverty every year due to the cost of health care. While conditions are improving, challenges such as long wait times, staff shortages, and manual record keeping can limit access to services and the quality of care clinics are able to offer.

CX automation is proving to be a revolutionary solution to these issues, with the ability to offer AI-enabled patient service and consolidate digital records to maintain a consistent standard of care. With lower wait times, more accessible health care, and integrated clinic records, CX automation can help lower the cost of serving patients and improve the standard of care at the same time.

In this guide, you will find:

  • How CX automation can help clinics serve patients at scale
  • What features clinics should look for when choosing a platform
  • What outcomes clinics can expect after deploying CX automation

Read our strategic guide to find out more.

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