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5 best AI prompts for government citizen experience chatbots


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Today, government organisations are leveraging AI-powered chatbots to streamline citizen support, reducing response times and improving citizen engagement. Carefully designed prompts are an essential building block to create a better citizen experience.

Proto’s deployments with The Central Bank of the Philippines, the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Securities and Exchange Commission are working proof of government success with automated citizen support, reducing response times to seconds for important citizen queries.

However, without proper instructions, your AI solution won’t be as effective — almost like guiding people through a maze without a map.

This is where using the right prompts comes into play.

Regardless of the processes you want to optimise — from providing information and guidance to citizens to assisting with government processes — the quality of your AI prompt generally determines the type of experience users have.

So how do you ensure you leverage the right prompts?

In this article, we walk you through 5 effective AI prompts for improving user experience with government citizen experience chatbots.

What are AI prompts and why do they need to be good?

AI prompts are specific instructions that tell your AI solution exactly what it should do and the results you’re expecting. In other words, it’s the blueprint that guides the AI processes and determines the feedback you get.

Here are some reasons you should prioritise creating excellent prompts for your chatbot systems:

  • Improved citizen engagement: With clear and concise prompts, chatbots can capture user attention and keep them engaged throughout the conversation.
  • Enhanced citizen experience: Relevant prompts and options can streamline the citizen experience and reduce friction in accessing services or information.
  • Reduced errors: The best AI prompts are clear and specific, to clarify how to interact with the citizens effectively and reduce risk of errors or misunderstandings.

The best 5 AI prompts for improved citizen experience

1. Information inquiry

Information inquiry prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: "Hello! How can I assist you today? You can ask about government services, programs, or information on specific topics."

With a prompt like this, citizens get a proactive invitation to inquire about various government services, programs, or general information. They’ll know they can ask questions about obtaining documents, accessing benefits, or understanding government policies and procedures.

The chatbot can then provide accurate and up-to-date information, guiding users through the various processes and directing them to the relevant resources or departments they may need.

This prompt helps improve accessibility to government services and enhances the overall citizen experience by offering quick and convenient access to information.

2. Application assistance

Application assistance prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: "Need help with an application? Whether it's for a permit, license, or assistance program, feel free to ask! I can guide you through the process."

Applications can be very confusing if you don’t know what to do. This prompt offers assistance to citizens who are trying to navigate the application process for various government services or programs.

Whether users are applying for permits, licenses, or grants, the chatbot can provide a step-by-step guide, clarify eligibility criteria, and answer questions about required documentation or deadlines.

By offering personalised support for application processes, the chatbot streamlines interactions between taxpayers and government agencies, resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

3. Feedback or complaint submission

Feedback or complaint submission prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: "We value your feedback! If you have a suggestion, complaint, or need assistance, please let us know. Your input helps us improve our services."

This prompt encourages citizens to provide feedback, submit complaints, or seek assistance with issues they may encounter when interacting with government services. This way, people can use the chatbot to report problems or share suggestions for improvement, which can help enhance accountability in government operations.

In addition, the chatbot can guide citizens through the process of submitting feedback or complaints, ensuring that their voices are heard and addressed by the appropriate authorities.

4. Legal assistance and guidance

Legal assistance and guidance prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: "Do you have a legal question or need guidance on your rights? I'm here to help! Feel free to ask about legal resources, rights, or procedures."

While AI cannot replace human legal counsel, it can point citizens in the right direction. With this prompt, users can get guidance on matters such as rights, procedures, and legal resources available to them. They may also ask questions about their legal rights, obligations, or concerns related to various legal issues.

While the chatbot may only be able to provide general information, it can also suggest relevant legal resources or services, and clarify procedures for accessing legal assistance or representation.

By offering accessible and citizen-friendly support for legal inquiries, this prompt empowers citizens to navigate complex legal processes and make informed decisions about their rights and responsibilities.

5. Community resources and support services

Community resources and support services prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: “Looking for community resources or support services? Whether it's housing assistance, food programs, or health services, I can help you find what you need."

This prompt assists citizens in accessing community resources and support services available to them. In this chat, they can inquire about various social services, including housing assistance, food programs, healthcare services, or mental health resources.

In addition, the chatbot can provide information on eligibility criteria, application procedures, and contact details for relevant organisations that offer housing assistance.

The bottom line: the right chatbot prompts can boost citizen engagement

By harnessing the power of AI chatbots government agencies can now meet the evolving needs of citizens — from availability to consistency and accuracy — while fostering accountability and citizen confidence in public services. When you deploy Proto's AICX Platform, our team can help you design the right prompts to ensure your chatbot is optimised for a better government-citizen experience.

Schedule a demo today and unlock the full potential of AI chatbots for citizen engagement.

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