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Confabia and Proto partner to deploy AI Customer Experience solutions across global contact centres


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Integrated solution between Confabia and Proto to scale AI customer service chatbots across outsourced contact centres in North America, Australia and the Philippines.

Confabia helps businesses outsource cost-effective, quality customer contact solutions, with a focus on system integration. This new partnership with Proto will scale Proto’s CX automation solutions for Confabia’s multilingual client base.

Contact centres using Proto’s solution can automate responses to simple queries, track omnichannel customer service tickets in one place, and access analytics for continuous improvement. Proto’s natural language processing engine offers high intent classification for local languages such as Tagalog and Cebuano, and can be deployed across multiple channels including Messenger and SMS.

Proto’s industry-specific solutions will also enable Confabia to deploy chatbots tailored for their client base in the telecommunications, financial services, pharmaceutical, health care, and other industries. With solutions that automate simple customer requests, Proto will help Confabia achieve its aim of delivering cost-effective contact centres that can maintain a high standard of service at scale.

Proto’s CEO Curtis Matlock said: "With digital bank and healthcare CX automation deployments in the Philippines already via this partnership, Proto is excited to go global with Confabia and overcome linguistic and business process automation challenges together.”

Contact info

Contact: Jennifer Dantoc, Global Sales Manager

About us

Confabia is a provider of outsourced customer contact solutions in North America, Australia, and the Philippines. Confabia’s focus is on providing cost-effective solutions for scaling contact centres in the financial services, telecommunications, health care, and FMCG verticals. They aim to help clients reduce cost while optimising their existing resources and improving the customer experience.

Proto is the leader for multilingual contact center automation in emerging markets. Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) platform is powered by proprietary natural language processing (NLP) for under-resourced and rare languages. Proto's novel deep-learning techniques and regulatory partnerships maximise customer experience, protection, and lifetime value.

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