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Universal Storefront Services Corporation deploys Proto CX automation platform in partnership with Confabia


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Universal Storefront Services Corporation (USSC) deployed Proto’s AICX platform in partnership with Confabia to scale frequently asked questions for its financial services across the Philippines.

With over 850 locations across the Philippines, Universal Storefront Services Corporation (USSC) is a trusted financial services provider, offering money transfers, wallets, debit cards, and more. The company needed a way to scale frequently asked questions for their many services on offer, particularly their mobile app, payments, and cash cards, while maintaining their high standard of quality customer care.

Confabia, a global provider of business process outsourcing services, partnered with Proto to offer a CX automation solution on Webchat and Messenger, which included a chatbot named UNA. UNA automates frequently asked queries in English, Tagalog/Taglish and Cebuano, providing information about USSC’s latest products and services 24/7 with high intent classification accuracy for the local languages it speaks. The platform can also connect end users to live agents directly in the chat window, routing the entire chat conversation to the live agent for full context.

Additionally, Proto’s regulatory partnership with the Central Bank of the Philippines ensures automated consumer protection for regulatory compliance and consumer trust at scale. The deployment is helping USSC continue to provide innovative, quality customer service that makes their innovative financial products even more accessible to Filipinos.

Proto’s CEO Curtis Matlock said: "At Proto, we’re proud to help Universal Storefront Services Corporation continue to offer exceptional customer service in local languages, as well as scale regulatory compliance through our partnership with the Central Bank of the Philippines. We’re excited to see how the Proto platform can help the USSC continue to succeed and evolve as a trusted financial service provider.”

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Contact: Jennifer Dantoc, Global Sales Director

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Confabia is a global provider of business process outsourcing services with a focus on North American, Australian and Filipino clients. They specialize in customer contact solutions that reduce costs, optimise existing resources, increase sales, and foster greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Universal Storefront Services Corporation (USSC) is a trusted provider of financial services in the Philippines, including money transfers, debit cards, insurance, and more. Over its 60 years in operation, the company has evolved towards innovative and customer-centric products and services that benefit Filipinos across the country.

Proto is the leader for inclusive chatbots and multilingual contact center automation in emerging markets. Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) platform is powered by proprietary natural language processing (NLP) for under-resourced and rare languages. Proto's novel deep-learning techniques and regulatory partnerships maximise customer experience, protection, and lifetime value.

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