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Proto vs LiveChat

Contact centres compare Proto to LiveChat when upgrading to CX automation and artificial intelligence.


Providing AI-enabled customer service in Africa over WhatsApp

Learn how to deploy Proto’s AI Customer Experience solution across WhatsApp to reach more customers in Africa.


Staying competitive in Asia’s digital banking landscape

How Proto’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) solutions can help digital banks stay competitive in Asia’s growing market.


Proto vs.

Contact centres compare Proto to when upgrading to CX automation and artificial intelligence.


5 customer support wins for African microfinance

How African microfinance institutions can overcome 5 key roadblocks to better customer support for low-income and rural customer segments with Proto.

Case Study

FNB Zambia improves consumer support with Proto’s AICX platform

FNB optimized support for banking customers, boasting a 44% increase in automated self-serve approach to consumer support in the first week of deployment with Proto.

Case Study

The DTI improves citizen experience with AI-enabled citizen support

The Department of Trade and Industry leverages Proto’s AI technology to provide 24/7 customer service for queries in local languages such as Tagalog and Cebuano.


Proto named a top conversational AI company to watch in 2023

AI Time Journal named Proto a top conversational AI company to watch in 2023 for its unique capabilities in automating multilingual conversations.

Case Study

AI-enabled customer support for clinic network in South Africa

Optique improved customer support experience by taking advantage of Proto’s multi-channel capabilities, handling customer queries across 4 different channels.

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