Healthcare service in Global South? Deploy free COVID-19 awareness chatbot in your language
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Deliver results from anywhere

In order to serve emerging markets, we're a global-first team that welcomes talent from around the world. If you're a SaaS or NLP specialist seeking excellence, check out the careers.

With Proto you can make mistakes and learn fast with an inclusive team that is delivering the benefits of conversational AI to everyone, regardless of gender, geography, income or education level.
Curtis Matlock

Here's how we work

Build Fast with Usage

We deploy functional product and iterate fast with real-time usage. With this method, Proto rapidly implements and refines cutting-edge NLP technology.

Lead First into Frontiers

We target customer segments in underserved markets around the world. With this curiosity, Proto ventures first where others overlook.

Stay Hyper-Global

We're a team with Taiwanese and Rwandan developers building Canadian software powered by Thai NLP for Swedish clients based in the Philippines. This won't change.

Our leadership







Join our multinational team

Apply for these standing careers or check more job postings. We'll be in touch if there's a fit.


Here's how we look

Gender Equal

We strive to maintain an even gender balance with mission-critical leadership opportunities for women.


We align hiring to local market demands with a particular focus on polyglots and SaaS professionals.

Age Neutral

We combine the best attributes of every generation with opportunities matched to each member’s technical and lived experience.

Our advisors



Abhishek Mohan


Abhi is the co-founder and chief growth officer of T9Labs, India’s first startup studio holding a portfolio with a cumulative value of $280 million. He has held executive or board roles with Rocket Internet, Salarium, and IPVG.



Hongwei Liu

Hongwei is the CEO and co-founder of Mappedin, which he has lead to dominance in the digital mapping industry across Western and emerging markets. He is an expert on scaling digital SaaS-based businesses with global operations.



Rosalind Wade

Ros is the co-founder and managing director of Asia Gaming Brief, the region's most comprehensive gaming intelligence service. She has over 15 years of foundational experience within Asia's emerging industries.
It's great to work with Proto's advanced technical stack and see the NLP technology improve the capability of chatbots in places like Southeast Asia.
Rizki Aditya
Fullstack Developer
Proto offers a balance between relaxed, flexible work and delivering software design excellence for its clients.
Maheen Kamani
UX/UI Designer
It's a really fun challenge to manage development teams from so many cultures, and see the product mature with contributions from these different countries.
Glenny Pagaduan
Scrum Master
I appreciate the opportunity to solve complex NLP problems with a team that prioritizes research. It's also great to work from any city.
Natapon Pantuwong
NLP Engineer

Our story

Proto is driven by its mission to include everyone in the conversational AI revolution with cutting-edge natural language processing solutions for emerging markets. We’re a global team building something massive far beyond the cookie-cut mold of traditional startups.


year on year growth


team members


team owned


Hustling in Taiwan

Albert and Curtis slammed their fists on the table and said: “Enterprise contact centers don’t have accurate NLP to serve non-English customers!” Henceforth, they led a small team on a shoestring at National Taiwan University, solving pain points for Proto’s original customers: 60-day resolution times, 3-month manual chat structuring, and machine understanding of mixed-language (i.e. Chinglish).

Learning in Canada

The team joined the NextAI and Creative Destruction Lab accelerators in Toronto. Within the North American startup ecosystem, Proto was at the forefront of global team distribution and emerging market focus, and leveraged lessons learned to venture back East.

Supersonic in Asia-Pacific

Proto crushed it in Asia’s contact centers, serving the priority Gaming and Financial verticals and investing in NLP patents and an expanded AICX product suite. The year’s recurring revenue objective was surpassed, delivering a x5 valuation increase to shareholders.

Expanding across emerging markets

Proto adopted a management philosophy akin to the immortalized words of Mr. Biggie Smalls: “Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart’s in it, and live the phrase sky’s the limit.” As such, the team is achieving first-mover advantage in its verticals across emerging markets ahead of eventual consolidation in the AICX industry.

Automating first contact

Proto was the first to deliver AICX technology to the recently arrived alien species from Kepler-452b, staying true to its mission to include everyone in the conversational AI revolution.
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