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5 best AI prompts for financial customer experience chatbots


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The power of precise, thoughtfully designed prompts cannot be overstated, especially in Proto's AICX platform. So, if you want to improve the experience of financial citizens within your region while leveraging AI, you’ll have to invest in proper prompt engineering.

Our partnerships with Universal Storefront Services Corporation in the Phillippines and Bitflex in Malaysia are prime examples of how properly integrating AI in financial workflows can improve customer experience.

You see, prompts are the backbone of any conversational interface. They determine how an AI chatbot responds to user inputs, shaping the quality of customer interactions. In the financial sector, where complex transactions and sensitive data are the norms, a well-engineered prompt becomes even more crucial.

In the following paragraphs, we walk you through 5 AI prompts that can help take the experience of financial customers on your platform to the next level.

How to create good prompts for your AICX platform

Remember, a prompt is a command given to an AI program to guide it in performing a specific task. In many cases, prompts are framed as a conversation starter or question. Either way, the quality of your AI prompts reflects directly on the platform AI's performance, which impacts customer engagement and satisfaction.

So, how do you engineer good prompts for your AI-powered customer experience platform?

Here are 5 effective practices for creating high-quality AI prompts:

Understand the AI's functionality

The first step to creating effective prompts is familiarising yourself with the capabilities and limitations of your AI platform. Understanding your AI’s functionality will give you more context for crafting prompts that yield meaningful responses.

Define your objective

Before you start engineering your AICX prompts, establish your primary goal. Do you want better user engagement, information delivery, or problem-solving? Knowing this objective will guide the structure and tone of your prompts.

Keep your prompts clear and concise

We can’t overstate the importance of keeping prompts straightforward. Overly complex language can confuse the AI, which may affect the quality of information it provides and lower user experience.

Anticipate user responses

Next, you want to consider how users may respond to your prompts and plan accordingly. It may be best to engineer prompts that encourage specific responses or offer choices to guide the conversation. This proactive approach helps maintain a smooth interaction flow.

Consider multilingual needs

Finally, if your platform supports multiple languages, you’ll need to factor in your users' multilingual needs while creating your AI prompts. This way, customers can enjoy a seamless AI experience regardless of the language they speak.

5 best AI prompts for finance

A well-designed prompt can make all the difference in maintaining confidentiality, providing accurate financial advice, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Here are 5 high-performance prompts you can leverage to improve your AICX experience:

1. General information inquiry

General information inquiry prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: "Hello! How can I assist you with your financial needs today? You can ask me about account balances, recent transactions, or loan inquiries."

This prompt welcomes users to engage with the chatbot. It suggests specific financial topics, such as account balances and loan inquiries, guiding users toward common areas of interest while allowing room for other questions.

By mentioning specific examples, the chatbot immediately establishes its capabilities, setting expectations for what it can address. This prompt is also broad enough to cover a range of financial inquiries, from basic account information to more complex loan-related questions. It also helps users understand the scope of the chatbot's assistance, streamlining the conversation flow and reducing confusion.

2. Account support

Account support prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: "Need help with your account? I can assist with resetting passwords, updating contact information, or checking account activity. What would you like to do?"

Sooner or later, customers will typically experience issues with their accounts or need to make changes. With a prompt like this, customers know that they can get the help they need with service issues, focusing on account management.

Providing these options—such as resetting passwords and updating contact information— also helps to reduce user frustration. It clearly outlines the services available, allowing users to choose the appropriate action without any confusion.

By offering these specific services, the chatbot reduces the need for human intervention in routine tasks, enhancing customer satisfaction through quick and straightforward solutions.

3. Information on financial products

Information on financial products prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: "Curious about our latest financial products? I can explain our savings accounts, current accounts, and investment options. Let me know what interests you!"

This prompt is designed to drive engagement and promote additional financial products. It opens the door to conversation on financial offerings, such as investment opportunities,  savings accounts, and current accounts.

With a prompt like this, you can improve financial customer experience by inviting them to learn more about the services that could benefit them. In addition, the prompt's flexibility allows users to express their interest in specific financial products, enabling the chatbot to respond with targeted information.

4. Assistance regarding transactions

Assistance regarding transactions prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: "Do you need assistance with a recent transaction? I can help you track spending, report discrepancies, or request refunds. How can I assist you?"

Transaction issues are a common source of concern for many financial customers. Therefore, it makes sense to engineer a prompt tailored to such issues.

With a prompt like this, users get the go-ahead to ask questions about their recent transactions, report errors, or request refunds. This provides a clear path for resolving transaction-related issues, making the AICX platform a valuable tool for customer support.

This prompt is effective because it offers practical solutions to common problems. It also reassures users that they can quickly resolve discrepancies or track spending, reducing anxiety and building trust.

5. Financial information

Financial information prompt in Proto's AICX Platform

Output: "Looking for financial information? I can offer budgeting tips, help you set savings goals, or connect you with a financial advisor. What would you like to discuss?"

This prompt invites users to seek guidance on budgeting, goal setting, and financial planning. By providing information on this subject, the chatbot adds value to the customer experience, promoting financial literacy and encouraging users to take control of their financial future.

Also, by offering to connect users with a financial advisor, the platform ensures there's a clear path for more in-depth conversations. This approach promotes a sense of continuity and trust, enhancing the overall experience and encouraging users to return for further advice and support.

The bottom line

At Proto, we understand the importance of prompt engineering and its impact on the effectiveness of our AICX platform. In sectors like finance, where precision, confidentiality, and customer experience are crucial, investing in the engineering of its prompts is non-negotiable.

Visit our website today to explore more about how our proprietary AICX platform can help you improve your financial customer experience today.

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