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5 best AI prompts for transport customer experience chatbots


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With the global transport market projected to reach 11.1 trillion USD by 2030, the transportation industry is easily one of the largest industries today. Naturally, this means that there are quite a number of customers to keep happy. It’s no wonder many transport companies are turning to AI to improve their customer experience.

With Proto’s proprietary AICX platform, a better customer experience is considerably more attainable as we offer you our AI chatbot solution. While traditional customer support systems often fall short of the satisfaction mark in terms of quicker and more personalised service, AI chatbots do not.

However, you must first ensure that your chatbot system is up to speed by creating comprehensive prompts that can help your AI solution carry out its job effectively.

In this blog, we show you why creating effective AI prompts is important and also provide you with the blueprints to five powerful AI prompts that can help you enhance customer experience in the transport sector.

Key elements of effective AI prompts

The fundamental basis for a competent chatbot is its ability to understand and address customer needs quickly and accurately. Here are some key elements of effective AI prompts:

Simple and clear language

The best AI prompts contain clear and concise information. Otherwise, there’s a high risk of inaccurate or confusing communication with customers due to technicalities that the AI didn’t understand. By prioritising simple language, you can ensure that your users can quickly grasp the information and respond appropriately, contributing to a smooth flow of interaction.


Personalisation is a critical component of successful AI prompts. This approach not only improves the relevance of your chatbot's communications but also enhances the user experience by creating a sense of connection. In addition, by tailoring personalised responses to individual users, chatbots can offer a more engaging and meaningful interaction, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Ability to escalate to human agents when needed

Effective AI prompts should also be able to “teach” your chatbot to recognise its limitations and provide a clear path for escalation when necessary. While AI chatbots are powerful tools for handling routine inquiries, some more complex issues may require human intervention. As a result, the best prompts should include mechanisms to escalate conversations to a live agent and ensure customer satisfaction.

5 AI prompts to improve transport customer chatbot experience

Creating effective AI prompts for transport customer experience chatbots requires understanding the most common user needs and providing clear, concise, and helpful guidance.

Here are 5 best AI prompts for transport customer experience chatbots:

1. Scheduling information

Scheduling information prompt in Proto's AICX platform

Output: “Welcome! I can help you with transportation schedules, route information, or ticket booking. What do you need assistance with today?”

This prompt serves as an introductory greeting that immediately sets a helpful tone for the chatbot. It provides a brief overview of the chatbot's capabilities, letting users know that it can answer questions related to transportation schedules, route information, and ticket booking.

A prompt like this is effective because it guides users toward common transportation needs while offering an open-ended question that offers further help. As a result, customers have the assurance that they can ask about a variety of topics, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

2. Real-time trip updates

Real-time trip updates prompt in Proto's AICX platform

Output: “Do you Need real-time updates on your journey? I can provide you with the latest information on delays, cancellations, or route changes. Would you like me to check your current trip status?”

Questions do not stop once a customer has booked a ticket or when the trip is underway. Sometimes, a customer may have questions regarding the trip, such as estimated time of arrival or updates on delays. Perhaps a user wants to keep track of a loved one they’re expecting.

This prompt addresses a critical aspect of transportation—real-time updates.

It indicates that the chatbot can provide users with the latest information on potential delays, cancellations, or route changes. This is valuable because transportation customers often require immediate updates to make informed decisions about their travel plans. It can also help reduce the stress associated with unexpected disruptions.

3. Route and location guidance

Route and location guidance prompt in Proto's AICX platform

Output: “Need help finding your way? I can provide directions to the nearest station, identify key locations along your route, or suggest alternative routes. How can I assist you with your travel plans?”

You likely already know first-hand how stressful transportation can be, especially in unfamiliar areas. This prompt attempts to help reduce travel-related anxiety by offering guidance to customers, providing clear directions, and suggesting alternative routes if needed.

By addressing the need for route and location information, the prompt acknowledges a common user concern and demonstrates that the chatbot can offer valuable assistance in this area. By including multiple options within the prompt, such as directing to the nearest station or suggesting alternative routes, the chatbot also helps cater to diverse customer needs.

Overall, this prompt can help reduce stress and promote continued customer engagement.

4. Lost item assistance

Lost item assistance prompt in Proto's AICX platform

Output: “Lost something during your trip? I can help you report lost items and guide you on the recovery process. Would you like to start a lost item report?”

Have you ever left something on a plane or bus? Moments like that can cause so much fear and anxiety. But what if you had a dedicated, round-the-clock chatbot that could help resolve issues like this?

This prompt is designed to offer transport customers assistance with reporting lost items and efforts to recover them. It creates a sense of support and assurance, letting users know that the chatbot is there to help them navigate the process of retrieving lost items. It also opens a channel for resolving such issues efficiently, contributing to customer satisfaction.

With a prompt like this, you can offer valuable service to customers who may feel upset about losing something during their journey. By helping to find a potential solution, this prompt can help improve customer satisfaction even after a disappointing event.

5. Customer feedback and suggestions

Customer feedback and suggestions prompt in Proto's AICX platform

Output: “Do you have feedback or a complaint about your recent transport experience? I'm here to listen and ensure your voice is heard. Would you like to provide feedback or report an issue?”

Every customer likes to feel heard, and your transport customers do, too. This prompt focuses on customer feedback and complaint resolution, showing that the chatbot is not only a source of information but also a platform for users to voice their opinions.

By asking if the user has feedback or a complaint, the chatbot indicates that you value customer input and are willing to address any issues. This prompt is effective because it encourages users to share their thoughts, which can lead to valuable insights for the transportation provider.

In addition, this prompt can also resolve customer dissatisfaction by providing a direct line to escalate complaints or report problems, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

Wrap Up

While AI chatbots can be a powerful tool in helping you improve customer engagement and satisfaction, they can only be as efficient as the prompts you give them. The five AI prompts we discussed in this blog should set you on the path to enhancing customer experience in the transport sector. Remember to focus on simple and clear prompts to help prevent confusion and boost operational efficiency.

At Proto, we specialise in helping business owners improve their customer experience across a range of industries—including transportation, with our proprietary AICX platform. Our team can help you develop chatbots that engage users and provide personalised assistance, leading to happier customers and smoother operations.

Ready to improve your customer experience? Try Proto today to see how our AI solutions can transform your transport services.

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