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How to convert your customer support chatbot into an employee assistant


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Did you know that your AI customer support chatbot may be only scratching the surface of its potential?

While Proto-powered chatbots may be great at handling customer queries, they could do so much more to support employees and streamline internal processes — if you know how to leverage them.

In this article, we explore how you can make this transition quickly, turning your customer support chatbot into a valuable asset for your entire organisation.

Repurposing your chatbot to improve employee onboarding

Many HR departments struggle with the task of consistently onboarding new staff members and equipping them with the company knowledge necessary to perform their roles effectively. However, you may be surprised to find that up to 80% of external interactions by your AI chatbots can be repurposed for internal training and support.

With our AI customer experience (AICX) platform, Proto clients can leverage their existing customer support chatbots to also help their employees, especially new hires.

These chatbots already have a wealth of customer interaction data that can be incredibly useful for training and onboarding new employees. Leveraging this data not only optimises your use of AI but also significantly improves the efficiency of your HR team.

The first step is to create a copy of your customer support chatbot in the Chatbots module in the Proto AICX Platform. This will replicate all the training data collected by the bot up until this point in time.

You should note that these chatbots are already trained on your organisational knowledge, including websites and documents. So simply targeting these bots at your employees can resolve a great deal on common queries, such as:

  1. Employee: Give me the latest company directive on refunds.
  2. Chatbot: The latest company directive on refunds states that customers are eligible for a full refund within 60 days of purchase if they are not satisfied with our product. Please refer to the "Policies" section of the company’s website for more detailed information.
  3. Employee: How much does our product cost?
  4. Chatbot: The cost of our product varies depending on the package and features selected. Our Pro subscription costs $1,599 per month while the Total plan costs $2,499 per month.

  5. Employee: If a customer has a complaint what do I do?
  6. Chatbot: Ensure you fully understand the customer's issue by listening carefully and asking clarifying questions. Then, record the complaint details in our CRM system. Next, attempt to resolve the issue according to our company guidelines. If the issue is beyond your capabilities, escalate it to the customer service manager.

Your chatbot can also assist with the collection of necessary documents from new employees, while providing periodic reminders to ensure they are submitted correctly and on time. These documents, such as waivers and IDs, can be automatically sent to your database using a simple API integration.

Training your chatbot to takeover ongoing employee support

While an AI chatbot can make a difference in how seamlessly a new employee’s onboarding experience is, you’ll need to add data sources and modify your customer support chatbot prompts to be able to provide the right type information and guidance to your employees.

The second step is to optionally add the URLs of internal knowledge bases or intranet system that your company uses to the chatbot’s data sources. This additional knowledge will complement the existing data used to the train the customer support version of the chatbot.

The third step is to modify your chatbot prompts to adapt the chatbot to its new purpose. These new prompts should emphasise the internal and human resources intention of the chatbot, leveraging any additional data that may not be public-facing.

Adapting your customer support chatbot for employee onboarding

An excellent example of an organisation that has leveraged Proto’s AICX Platform for employee support is the Central Bank of the Philippines.

The Central Bank of the Philippines implemented NEA, an AI chatbot by Proto, to address employee queries and facilitate smoother operations within the organisation.

In the past, employees has to refer a knowledge base of over 1,000 PDFs to answer questions or get clarifications for their workflow. Today, the NEA chatbot has been trained on this data to quickly and accurately respond to staff questions, saving time and effort while boosting productivity.

Since its deployment, the Central Bank of the Philippines’s chatbot has handled over 1,838,358 automated interactions among employees across various internal departments and levels in the organisation.

Extending your chatbot into employee offboarding

Employee offboarding typically involves numerous administrative tasks that require attention to detail and adherence to company policies, such as device returns, final salary questions, and vacation payouts. Even more, these tasks are often repetitive.

By leveraging an AI chatbot, you can significantly streamline the transition for both departing employees and HR staff. By handling the more mundane tasks, the chatbot ensures that these steps are managed efficiently and consistently, reducing the administrative burden on your team.

For instance, employees can easily inquire about their final paycheck from the AI chatbot, understand the breakdown of their earnings, and get information on how unused vacation days will be compensated. This immediate access to information helps to ease potential concerns and provides a smooth offboarding experience.

Incorporating these capabilities into your chatbot not only makes the offboarding process easier for everyone involved but also ensures that important tasks are completed promptly and correctly. By automating these steps, your HR team can focus on more strategic activities while providing a positive and professional exit experience for departing employees.

The bottomline

Are you ready to transform the way you manage employee onboarding, support, and transitions? We can can reinforce your AI-powered customer support bot with an internal chatbot to streamline your organisational workflow. Reach out to Proto today.

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