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The Securities and Exchange Commission deploys Proto CX automation across the Philippines


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The Securities and Exchange Commission scaled automated citizen assistance across the Philippines with Proto’s AI Citizen Experience platform. The deployment is helping the Philippine government achieve its digitization goals and implement its No Wrong Door policy.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays an essential role in the Philippine economy by ensuring transparency and accountability among issuers of securities, promoting fair competition, and protecting investors from fraud or misleading activity. The organisation consists of eight departments that needed a way to automatically forward cases in compliance with the Philippine government’s No Wrong Door policy, which mandates that citizen complaints should be forwarded to the correct agency to ensure prompt resolution.

Proto already has a presence in the Philippines, with successful CX automation deployments for the Central Bank of the Philippines and the Department of Trade and Industry. These prior deployments made Proto an optimal choice to help the SEC to achieve its digitisation goals. Proto's solution included a chatbot which answers frequently asked questions and offers department-based case routing, which automatically forwards complaints to the correct agency with no additional administrative effort. Admin teams can review the customer’s full complaint history on Proto’s platform, and the SEC can also monitor the nature and volume of complaints in the platform.

Additionally, the SEC deployed Proto’s Sneak Peek feature, which enables them to proactively engage visitors on their website. Proto is currently working with the SEC on the next steps for their CX automation solution, including updating the chatbot to speak six local languages, consolidating communication over additional channels, and incorporating third-party integrations with their existing systems.

Proto’s CEO Curtis Matlock said: "We're proud to have been chosen by the Securities and Exchange Commission to continue to help the Philippine government achieve its digitisation goals, and to help ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability for the country’s financial sector.”

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Contact: Jennifer Dantoc, Global Sales Director

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The Securities and Exchange Commission is the Philippine government agency responsible for regulating and supervising the country’s securities and exchange markets. Its main functions include registering and supervising organisations that issue securities, enforcing securities laws and regulations, and promoting fair and transparent markets through the adoption of best practices. The organisation plays a vital role in supporting economic growth and protecting investments in the Philippine economy.

Proto is the leader for inclusive chatbots and multilingual contact center automation in emerging markets. Proto’s AI Citizen Experience (AICX) platform is powered by proprietary natural language processing (NLP) for under-resourced and rare languages. Proto's novel deep-learning techniques and regulatory partnerships maximise citizen experience, protection, and engagement.

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