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Confabia and Proto upgrade partnership in the Philippines


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Confabia CEO Jose Xavier B. Gonzales and Proto CEO Curtis Matlock sign the upgraded agreement featuring a strategic investment in Proto and prompt engineering training for Confabia's contact centre agents.

Confabia and Proto are expanding their existing partnership for Proto's AI Customer Experience (AICX) Platform in the Philippines. This includes a strategic investment from Confabia that will enable Proto to upskill Confabia's contact centre.

Confabia and Proto have had a productive partnership for over two years, during which Confabia has deployed Proto’s AICX Platform to a broad range of enterprise clients. As a forward-thinking contact centre, Confabia tailored AICX solutions for financial service businesses such as the USSC remittances platform and healthcare leaders like the Medical City South Luzon hospital.

Building on this foundation, Proto and Confabia are set to launch a training program to upskill Confabia’s manual contact centre agents into generative AI prompt engineers within the latest version of Proto’s platform. This upskilling will be paired with an exclusive commercial partnership for the Philippines market, with Confabia taking on second-tier support for Proto’s enterprise and government clients.

Additionally, Proto will offer Confabia’s contact centre services to global businesses within its proAgents AICX Add-On. This will enable Proto clients  to hire agents that have undergone generative AI prompt engineering training, allowing them to improve chatbots based on their customer interactions.

Confabia CEO Jose Xavier B. Gonzales remarked, "Our collaboration with Proto has not only revolutionized how we approach client engagement but has also set a new standard in the industry. As we embark on the next phase of our partnership, we are not just upskilling our workforce; we are reinventing the future of customer service.”

Looking forward, Confabia and Proto will work together to expand the Proto AICX Platform for local customer experience automation for languages such as Tagalog, Cebuano and Illocano. This expansion will be bolstered by Mr. Gonzales' decades of experience and industry leadership, such as his role as chairman of Medical City Clinic.

Proto CEO Curtis Matlock commented, "Over the past two years, the Confabia team has not only deployed the Proto AICX Platform across a wide range of clients, but also distinguished itself as forward-looking and committed to socially-inclusive applications of generative AI that will improve the quality of service for Filipinos.”

Proto is notable for its presence in the Philippines, with a clientele that includes the Central Bank of the Philippines since 2018, along with the Securities Exchange Commission and the Goodpay microlending platform. These partnerships have enabled Proto to offer superior AI capabilities for local and mixed languages, which will soon extend into voice chat.

About Confabia

Confabia, a pioneering Philippines-based BPO company, is at the forefront of delivering bespoke customer contact solutions. Specializing in driving cost reduction and optimizing resources, Confabia caters to an extensive portfolio of clients across diverse sectors including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, IT, and more. Known for its proficiency in outsourcing at scale and its deep industrial acumen, Confabia adeptly meets the varying needs of its clients, setting new benchmarks in operational excellence.

About Proto

Proto is the leading generative AI platform for local customer experience. Powered by GPT and its own proprietary AI engine, Proto's AI Customer Experience (AICX) Platform automates transactions, tickets, bookings, and other high-volume interactions for local and mixed languages across text, voice and 20+ messaging channels. Proto is globally-recognized for its inclusive AICX solutions across the government, financial, health and transport industries.

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